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  1. Here is the account that gets logged into when I use my email. 117876155392512165316 I probably should have listed it so that an administrator can help.
  2. Hello, I am Rob173n. I am replying to my thread using the account created by Google. I am still having issues with resetting my password so that I can log in with Rob173n
  3. I have not yet had a reply about my issue. If there is not an administrator who can address my issue, is there a moderator who can? Once I get my PC online again, I can resubmit all of my oc scores on Pi, but I won't be able to recover my Intel xtu scores with the lenovo laptop that I had. That would be a loss and a hassle. I only have two cell phones to use at the moment, which I am also having issues with logging in. Probably because of the first issue. Therefore, I am unable to continue to raise my stats, I would like to be able to use HWbot prime for android, but because I cannot log in, I cannot participate.
  4. Hello, I am Rob173n. I was having trouble resetting my password. I temporarily used Google to sign into my account. The process has wiped my access to Rob173n within the competition area. When I sign in using my email, the site reverts me to the account created when I used google to log in. The account name for google is just an string of numbers. Within the forum, I can log in as Rob173n. Can an administrator repair the issue on the sites end? I have disabled the ability within google to log in. But the issue persists.
  5. Hello HWbot. I need the help of an administrator. I am Rob173n, I joined in 2017. I have not had much recent activity. I was attempting to recover or reset a password for my account. I ended up using my gmail account linked to my email to sign in. The process seems to have wiped my history of submissions as Rob173n. I sign in as Rob173n and the site continues to refer to me as the string of letters that were assigned to the google account. I have disabled the ability of my google account from allowing a login. I have reset my password. But I need an admin too please restore my history and name as Rob173n. Thanks.
  6. I joined HWbot not too long ago, I was in Rookies of United States. I tried to join another team, but was unable to join other teams. How can I rejoin Rookies of United States? It's not on the team list.
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