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  1. , nh***7883;n không ***273;***432;***7907;c c***432;***7901;i kh***7867; thành ti***7871;ng, con m***7855;t xinh ***273;***7865;p v***7867; thành hình tr***259;ng r***7857;m, tho***7841;t nhìn ***273;áng yêu c***7921;c k***7923;. Cái b***7893;n ***273;***7843;n B***7889; Lai Ân này hình nh***432; sau khi bi***7871;n ***273;iên r***7891;i, nói chuy***7879;n r***7845;t thú v***7883;, không gi***7889;ng tr***432;***7899;c kia m***7897;t câu c***361;ng không nói, L***7925; Toa trong tâm ngh***297; v***7853;y, c***361;ng không v***7897;i v***7843; ***273;i

    Ki***7879;t Kh***7855;c bi***7871;t Hàn Th***7841;c không ng***7889;c, nghe Hàn Th***7841;c v***7915;a nói, bi***7871;t h***7855;n là c***7889; ý gi***7877;u c***7907;t Ba Kh***7855;c, mu***7889;n ng***432;ng ý c***432;***7901;i nh***432;ng không có nh***7851;n ***273;***432;***7907;c, ***8220;h***7913;c..***8221; c***432;***7901;i kh***7867; thành ti***7871;ng, khi Ki***7879;t Kh***7855;c phát hi***7879;n không t***7889;t, ***273;ã không còn k***7883;p r***7891;i.

    hoc ke toan tai long bien

    hoc ke toan tai thanh xuan

    hoc ke toan tai cau giay

    Rattan Furniture Beach

    mu private

    nhac san cuc manh

  2. Hi all! It is long long time since I last wrote something over here or anywhere else. Nothing lasts forever they say.. Few weeks ago I was invited to Intel Sweden to have some hardware to play with and relax with friends and do some scores at the same time. Fun it was and hardware was good but time was our worst enemy. We got the setup running well 1 hour before my flight home and I was not able to extend my stay. There is no excuses..I was not able to push the setup as I wanted but we got at least some sort of result out and we had that small glimpse of fun that we used to have years a go. We got a nice pile of nice hardware! Then I tested each card separately on air and selected 5 best cards to be tested on LN2. All cards were easy to run 2050MHz+ separately. Insulation had to be good but removable and no vaseline or grease allowed. All cards went back to ASUS after event. Drinks and food were perfect! Then it was time to do some 4-way. Setup is very easy to handle with EK-SF3D 4 way table and fat EK-SF3D Critical point GPU pots. So only real run we got through before I had to pack my stuff and leave was this: It is not very satisfying result but who cares in the end. These scores and threads are forgot in few days and that is just the way it is. This thread will be also my last for a long time if not forever. There is just no more point to loose all the time in life to push scores which will please us overclockers. I feel very pleased and happy when I remember all the events and fun nights with my friends. Life just goes on and after these 12 years of overclocking I have nothing else to achieve. I got all I ever dreamed and even more. We are really small community and we have been able to do amazing stuff in past years. Keep it that way.. all the stupid fights and rumours etc. are just not worth it. No one will be able to change how oc scene evolves and the changes in past 4 years have made it boring and stupid. That is my opinion and you don't need to mind about it if you disagree. I thank all my cooperators and sponsors who made all this possible. I thank specially Shamino who took me in to Foxconn OC project and Marcus Hultin - Kinc for taking care of me since 2007. Sami "macci" Mäkinen was the key for AMD stuff, thank you my friend! Thomas Melzer from intel have been the key thing all these years, so big thanks to you too! Niko Tivadar from EK made the high quality pots possible, so thank you as well! There are many many other guys but can not thank all separately. Thanks to HWbot for great site and thanks for letting me be part of it so many years in crew (Pieter and Frederik). Thanks to all of my friends all around the world. It is amazing to see how good people there are no matter where you are from. I wish all the best to you all and have fun in life. Keep pushing it like Oliver would say! Bye!
  3. 2nd would be good for me Tudor! My trip is confirmed now from 2nd to 7th. All the nights are free, so I try to find you people. "I can take beer and be anti social without OC"
  4. Sure, let's do that. I would like to see as many of my old friends as possible, so if there are some plans and I can join, let me know.
  5. As I can see some talk about threesome I will try to get my ass over there. Should be around 1st of June until 8th or something. Plenty of time to share some love!
  6. Thanks everyone! It is nice to overclock with nice hardware like Sam said We will promote EK 4-way system soon, so this CPU will be in action for sure.
  7. Haha, Jean-Michel - Did not even see that. I think it was randomly using triple or quad while rebooting. Well, it does not matter that much in cinebench.
  8. Sure. That should not be a problem for most people. Damn..they ask 1K€ for a day with Lamborghini..
  9. Jon is having "victory" party once again.. at least his wallet is on the table this time
  10. Yes, I would come and that entrance fee is very good even for students. Main thing is flight tickets. Would you need to pay them yourself or would they be covered by organization? What about hotel etc? (just make sure there is good flight connections from Finland to event area ) Southern Germany is fine. I will rent some supercar and do that 300km/h on autobahn as I failed to do it last summer
  11. It could be 0€ for you if you would like to
  12. Here we are... waiting people to arrive First day is a bit boring so far... but it should get better later. Me and Sam will be in room 2412. We need to gather in a lobby 20.00 so we will meet there.
  13. Thanks for the flight times. It seems I will be lonely few hours I will be waiting you in the Hotel if I can not hang out with Slamms, smoke etc.. See you all in Friday! It will be fun to see some new people and of course the old farts too
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