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  1. Next step, tighter mem, go back to the first C4F board, cuz it wasn't feel ok, for example, bad vcore reading ... Maybe lapping the IHS :)
  2. WTB full cover block, or any similar within EU. Thanks for the answer! https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-fb-kit-ga-x99-soc-champion-nickel
  3. Almost factory condition, I made 4-5 sessions with it. With every additional parts and a K-probe. 250 eur + shipping (only in the EU, sorry) I accept paypal. Ask pictures in email: cosmone at freemail dot hu Thanks!
  4. Thanks a lot crustytheclown! Madshrips made a tool for the 275 lightning card, but that file not for SLI. I checked the code (I am not a coder), and there is no difference, except the card choosing part. Theoretically the 260 SLI bat will work with 275 SLI cards? Somebody check it pelase! Thanks again!
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