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  1. Haha, several.. It seemed to work fine for what I needed. I thought I'd make my own pot instead of buying one. It was cheaper.
  2. Good luck guys!! The sempron 145 is my single core processor of choice. I'll be back for for more challenges thought!
  3. Thanks Hondacity! Coming from you I'll certainly take that as a compliment! You're one of the names I constantly recognize around here and I'm always impressed with your results! Hopefully you'll be seeing more of this processor in the future!
  4. Haha, I couldn't let the US get away with only 4 submissions! If I knew someone else was running a 1 core wPrime 1024, I would have improved the 2 core submission. Fun never the less!!
  5. Awesome clock!! Great work, it looks like you got a really good chip there!
  6. Your verification link is wrong. Did you post the wrong one?
  7. I'd be happy to help with what I can, but I don't really meet any of the qualifications needed. I know Java and c++ if that helps now or in the future. I'm also quite good at photoshop if you need some graphics.
  8. Do you need any help in writing the program or a second set of eyes? Beta tester at least?
  9. Yeah, with a good GPU you can get some pretty nice points, and it looks like you know what you're doing!
  10. How did you get the multi to x23? I thought turbo pushed it only to x22?
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