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  1. Dumb question about stage-2 Sky Diver. Are we to use the OVER ALL score from the benchmark or ONLY the GPU score? I ask because you have GPU posted in parentheses in the title as if to indicate you want this used.
  2. Could you please add MiTAC PH12SI motherboard to the data base? https://valid.x86.fr/48qu3t
  3. Looked at the limitations; only 2 CPUs for 940. No biggie for what I have in store 😉
  4. Could you please add the BESSTAR Tech T3MRD motherboard to the data base? http://valid.x86.fr/m1bmus
  5. Could you please add these mobos to the data base? ASUS NAGAMI2L aka A8N-LA rev 2.0 https://valid.x86.fr/tfr647 ZOTAC ZBOXNANO-VD01 https://valid.x86.fr/edv6v1 SIEMENS AG A5E34732692 https://valid.x86.fr/u6rmt4 IP3 AP1 http://valid.x86.fr/jsgwt8
  6. Question; are you trying to use XTU to Over Clock your CPU? I ask because other then that xtu has nothing to do with cinibench or anything to do with uploading/submitting a result. To submit a cinibench run there are 2 options: 1: Run cinibench with the App BENCHMATE. or 2: Run Cinibench alone without changing anything run at default settings. take a screen shot of your result compliant with the rules https://hwbot.org/news/9946_application_94_rules/ and just go to SUBMIT SCORE on top right of the bot main page, scroll down and select the benchmark you want to submit to then fill in the info along with the link for your screen shot(s). Not sure if that helps or if that is what you meant.
  7. Could you please add this TOSHIBA FF40 0683 motherboard to the data base? https://valid.x86.fr/dptmy2 https://support.toshiba.com/support/modelHome?freeText=8F130441S&osId=26 https://www.cnet.com/products/toshiba-satellite-c75d-c7232-17-3-a6-7310-6-gb-ram-750-gb-hdd/ Thank you.
  8. I really would love to go up for the event Stefan and for the opportunity to do some meet n greet with some fellow benchers. But its not in the cards for me personally. Much success to you with the event...
  9. Could you please add this HP 84FD motherboard to the data base? https://valid.x86.fr/tgikja Thank you...
  10. Any chance of including a multi-socket stage or 2 somewhere in there 😉?
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