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  1. Hi, I'm R0gue When i go to post a comment on a submitted score, (my most recent on Kingpins near 60K Firestrike) it shows me as a different user. The users link even goes to their profile. My comments appear as coylpittman, any ideas on how to show it as me posting the comments i am leaving?
  2. How is the Galax LN2 Pot performing in comparison to other pots on the market like the tek-9? -R0gue (This website shows my comments as someone else for some reason)
  3. (I'm R0gue the website justs posts comments as this account for some reason)
  4. Ran out of LN2 and got bored so I decided to have some fun on low end "Ryzen"
  5. R0gue


    I was having the same issue. r15 doesnt let me submit
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