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  1. I was only curious as the APU is the only one that has the Vision bus
  2. Are the Bulldozers considered part of Vision? or just the APU's?
  3. Any idea on when I can start submiting results for this guy?
  4. Not a problem. here is the Techpoweup Validation. http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/kvf86/ here is a screen shot.
  5. I was trying to make some submissions with my A6-3400M, however I am unable to as the HD 6520G is not in the database yet. Just wanted to let you know.
  6. So I cannot use my 8600GTS? Still has 32 cuda cored Still has 128bit memory Has 512mb GDDR3 Has 1-PCI-E 6pin in.
  7. Edit: Never mind, in my panic I did not realize I could delete my own submissions..
  8. Please DELETE this, I did not enter the time! This is a mistake.
  9. I was un-aware of the 3dmark allowing you to run them indevidually (call me Mr Noob) I was just looking at there verification image and noticed it would have only 1, or 2 tests completed, and that the Orb would have a different CPU frenquency then the image verification, so needless to say I became confused. I brought it up so some one would explain it to me
  10. Whats up with the top 3 showing only 1,2 of 7 tests then all 7 in the orb?
  11. Nice score with the 555be, I'm going to see if I can cetch back up with my 550.
  12. Very supprised with the 550, probbably going to rip the Zalman off my 1055t and shoot for mid 4ghz
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