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  1. aMaZeR

    Samsung D-Die & Elpida Hyper DDR3

    1 and 4 sold 😊
  2. Deal has been reached and info exchanged. sold!
  3. This was pushing it. Only short burst and really wanted to get below 15.800.
  4. aMaZeR

    Achievements not updating

    Anyone else have this issue where the achievements are not updating? As far as I can see I should have already reached the follwing achievements: -Make 100 submissions to HWBOT -Collect 10 cups and medals -contribute 750 points to your team -contribute 1000 points to your team -Reach top-50 of Your Overclockers League -Use a Gigabyte mainboard for at least 20 submissions -Use an Intel Core processor for 50 submissions or more -Use GSKILL memory for at least 20 submissions User: http://hwbot.org/user/amazer/
  5. Hi there. Is there any way to merge your hardware? See attached image. I have accidentally submitted scores with different brands of hardware.