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  1. Running 2600k on Maximus IV Gene-z bios 3603. XTU opens up but cannot run benchmark.




    "The benchmarking process has failed and no score was generated as a result."


    Windows 7 SP1 installed and machine is connected to the internet.


    Beating my head against my monitor trying to figure this out.


    Was able to run xtu and submit benchmark on previous bios. Since bios update I have not been able to get xtu to work.


    HPET is on.


    Any ideas?

  2. Seems like there isn't much action with the Raspberry Pi 2 these days. I built a small pot for some dust off fun but I've seem to hit a wall.









    Hwbot Prime Score: 1811 pps






    I'm looking for a good vcore vmod. I've done quite a few vmods in the past but it has been a few years.


    I did find this by Zen1:


    » Sat Apr 11, 2015 8:08 pm


    So, I've been working on this project for a while and I just wanted to share my results as there hasn't been much interest in overclocking the BCM2836. Today I managed to overclock my Pi 2 to 1500MHz and I just wanted to share to see if anyone else was interested. I removed L3 and soldered a lead on to the pad nearest C7 so that I could apply a separate core voltage. Using the software overvoltage setting of 8 only brings you up to 1.4V. I used an EVGA epower unit to provide a clean 1.66V. I used liquid nitrogen to cool the chip with a custom made CPU pot I designed. I had to use an extension cable for the SD card as it was getting too cold and I applied a heating pad to the bottom of the board to assist with keeping the RAM warm and defrosting the board. I found the chip coldbugs at -130C and refuses to boot under -90C. I found keeping the ram above 20C helped a lot with booting and stability.

    So this is just a teaser to see if there is any other interest out there and to see if anybody knows of anyone who has gone further than this.




    I've been staring at the schematics of the pi and located the L3 and C7 but am having difficulty replicating the vmod without a good picture of the soldering points.


    Does anyone have a picture of this?




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