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  1. Here is a link for 2402 and 2503 modded BIOSes from dsanke , I also have a Maximus IX Apex with the hardmod made and I had it working on it a i7 8700k , i7 8086k and a i9 9900k without problems. I am using 2203 BIOS at the moment with that board as I didn't have the time to try these latest BIOSes. I hope it helps , cheers. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vwPVwKMb2mVRvMZ4cpLBsCToq_Mh2zXO/view?usp=sharing
  2. After playing for a while with the Asus Maximus XI Gene I was able to install all USB drivers , 3.0 and 3.1 , so a fully functional Windows 7 x64 Ultimate with SP1. I did the same for a Slim version of Windows 7 x64 for benching and I thought to share them here in case someone needs either of the two and save some time and trouble with the USB drivers install. Hopefully these will help a few users which are still benching on Z390 platform , I added 2 screen shots , the first is for Win7 x64 Slim which has a lot of features removed and for this one I couldn't install Intel Management Engine Interface as it doesn't have some dll files and my knowledge is limited , but doesn't affect the benching scores , while the second is a full copy of Windows 7 x64 Ultimate with everything installed including the IMEI. Both backup images created with Acronis have only the drivers of the motherboard M11G installed including like I said both USB 3.0 and 3.1 , all other applications/programs are left for the user to decide. One note , when installing both I used MBR partition instead of GPT , otherwise Windows 7 Ultimate cannot be activated on GPT partitions. The second file , Win7.x64Ult.Daily.M11G is somehow large @ 7.2 Gb size so I had to upload it to another site , if there is somebody that can host it permanently somewhere I would appreciate it because after 14 days the link will become unavailable. Here it is after I managed to upload to google drive , sorry for the delay --https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ALJ-ASUScrenZnwmkWgONNGjQXAzQg3G/view?usp=sharing Win7.x64Ult_Slim.M11G_full_b1_s1_v1.tib
  3. Thank you ! I didn't read the manual (to my shame) so had no idea about the tool tab in the BIOS , it is there , I disabled , I restored an image and all's good , I was getting really annoyed by it and it was such an easy solve.
  4. Hello everybody , I got a Maximus XI Gene recently and after several attempts to backup some older images from M9A or M10A for either Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 (which I curently use as I find it faster than any Win10 edition) or fresh install of the mentioned OS'es I cannot get rid of the very annoying by now Asus Update Check (part of ASUS Armoury Crate) , no matter if I install it when asked about it or cancel it. It will auto install no matter what and each time I reboot or shut down the PC it takes up to 10 seconds untill it stops the service and execute the command. I uninstalled the live update , I disabled the service from services.msc , I even delete the file itself from the system32 folder inside Windows folder to no success . Each time I reboot/turn on the PC the service gets back and is automatically enabled regardless of whatever previous action I did. It became really annoying to me especially since there is no option to turn on/off to my choice , to the use choice , these forced stuff I hate so much. If I knew about this I swear I wouldn't buy an ASUS board if this service is available on Apex XI as well , I would've searched for a Z390 Dark ! Anybody tried succesfully to turn off this service somehow for these boards and if so how did you do it ? If I won't find any solution any time soon , I will sell it for sure. Thank you in advance for any eventual replies or for any suggestions.
  5. Never won anything so far , but who knows ... Anyway they say it's a start for everything so ... why not , lemme try
  6. I recently upgraded a system for a friend from an Intel 9600k and a RTX 2070 (non super) to a Ryzen 3600 on a MSI B450M Mortar Max (comes with bios ready for 3rd gen Ryzen) and same graphic card , he couldn't feel any difference in games but for productivity he was extremely happy as he could see BIG improvement. AMD has come a long way with these Ryzen chips , you can't go wrong with the Ryzen 2600 mate and is also much cheaper than team blue.It is funny how before Ryzens when someone was going Intel way was a clear upgrade while nowadays is the other way around
  7. We had unique voices over the time , Elvis Presley , Frank Sinatra , Freddy Mercury , Luciano Pavarotti , Louis Armstrong and a few others but since I dicovered this guy Dimash Kudaibergen I can't have a day passed to listen to at least one of his songs. His voice ability is simply unmatched , unbelievable what he can do with that ease , is like he's not human. I attended musical school when I was a youngsters and I was also part of Romanian Opera choire for children for a few years , I have some knowledge about music so when I first heard him it was a complete shock really. You would think it's impossible for one human being to be able to do what he does , he can reach 8 octaves , but he's a living proof that actually it is possible. Simply amazing , to me he is the GOAT. He has different sons with different genres but here's one of my favorites as I really love opera and this is a masterpiece , a song compozed especially for him for his abilities , if you close your eyes or only listen to the music with no video you swear there are at least 2 people singing this song. Enjoy like I do
  8. Grats for the improvement , I bet you lost a good amount of time for the tweaks and finding the sweetspot but impressive result , you have it among the LN2 scores.
  9. Wow , great run my friend , you put that CPU to good use :) but the board also helped you , running mem like a champ, congrats.
  10. I benched today Sunday 5 jan 2020 with a GTX770 used previously on air and now on water cooling and this time I used the latest CPU-Z version 1.91 in the print screens as well as I included a text with my nickname , card used and current date. I also did a video with my general setup , the room where I installed my hardware instead of staying outside , the "guilty" bucket with only water , no ice or anything else to help going subzero , just taking advantage of the chill weather this period of time in Bucharest and the monitor used. I hope this is enough proof to you or anybody else that I'm using real stuff , hardware I own. General setup video - https://www.bitchute.com/video/896vM1XkszrS/
  11. I did a video with this score to prove to mr. AdventurePO (and not only) that what I use is for real and nothing subzero , benched and filmed today 5 jan 2020. I also did a video with my general setup , the empty room soon to be demolished in which I bench instead of staying outside , to "guilty" bucket which is used as is , no ice or anything else just taking advantage of the chill temps in this period of time in Bucharest. I hope this is enough evidence as I also used latest cpu-z 1.91 in the print screens as well as a text with my nickname and current date. 2k3 result - https://www.bitchute.com/video/8QJcQbdyzmlk/ General Setup - https://www.bitchute.com/video/896vM1XkszrS/
  12. I did benched on ambient , I have an empty room part of a body of rooms that will be demolished sometime in near future to be replaced by a new construction. In the meantime is used to store some things but mostly is empty. Instead of staying outside in the yard with all my hardware , I am using that room since the temps nowadays in Bucharest are between 2-7 celsius during the day. I am using a Horizon 22" monitor 1680x1050 res for this purpose and the full screen picture can be seen in a pgn format in one of the 3 tests that require to upload a file , Aquamark and 2 Unigines Heaven Basic and Extreme. I had no idea I have to include a text with 2020 visible in it but for the next tests I will and I will also include pictures of the room , monitor and so on. As for the cuting print screen , I always did this to make it in jpg format which is smaller size than pgn but here it is for your curiosity , https://imgur.com/6Z7KhTU
  13. Can you be more specific please , which one of the 3 above do you have it ?
  14. Thank you Mythical but I had a M10A , I have my CPU now on a modded M9A since I did a combo with the 10A for my brother and wanted to try the 11A as I saw it is a better overclocker not only for the ram but the CPU also needs less voltage. I can find another 10A localy but I can't order a 11A or Z390 Dark since they are not listed on any retailer list here. I could order a M11G but the oppinions on the performance is split between the people who had experience with it unlike the main two ones listed above. As for the MOCF I still have a few legacy GPU's that would perform in few 3d tests better on Win XP than other OS and my CPU even though not a golden chip is still an ok'ish one and I am tempted to try it out.
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