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  1. Hey , it should work. If you have your motherboard modded to work with CoffeeLake CPU's you don't need to isolate/strap pads on the CPU. I have the same motherboard Maximus IX Apex and 9900k and I just flashed the BIOS to check if it's working and it does , no problems. You do need a flash drive that work on this motherboard like dreamcat4 said , I remember when I first tried with a few SanDisk flash drives and it didn't works , seems those are not compatible with this board for this task , I changed to a noname flash drive and it's working ever since. The file already has the .rom extension so just rename ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-2203.rom to creative.rom , I didn't use any tool just simple rename the file and should work. Use the proper USB port (the one located near the HDMI port on the bottom) press the flash back button untill it start to flash and then let it finish , aprox. 1-2 minutes depends how fast your flash drive is. Good luck , it is quite easy.
  2. I understand now , thank you all very much for explaining.
  3. Was the first time I used a GTX 1060 no matter the version . As far as I have seen from previous uploads , the points are added after a few hours , 4-6 hours , might be because is weekend ? Anyway , I am still confused about the system of points as one time I got more than expected and now for example only a few. Well , I got nothing else to do but wait now ...
  4. Can somebody please explain how points are calculated and how/what they appear in the profile ? Yesterday I uploaded 20+ tests with a GTX 1060 6gb (GP106) and in total I got around 150 _160 hardware points but in my profile I only got like 5-7 points (going from 1498 if I remember corectly to now 1505) ? I just don't get it , in the past I uploaded tests where in total I gained quite less hardware points than this time , but in my profile I got around 50 points ... I'm confused really , what's the criteria here ? Thank you in advance for any explanation that can make me understand the mechanism ...
  5. Just tried now , it works , thank you.
  6. I was about to open a topic for the exact same problem , when I am not logged in I can search and view results with different hardware but when I log in I get the same as 2nd picture in the OP. Have some scores to post with a GTX 1060 and since yesterday afternoon I get this error (no pun intented). Yesterday morning was working fine.
  7. Thank you , I was surprised myself by this score , as for the same benchmark performance and entry didn't seem to scale so good , maybe was a lucky run , I can upload the original print to be analized if need to ...
  8. Hey Nata , wanted to ask you if there is any specific tweak for Vantage using this type of card , GTX 770. I recently bought one myself and paired with a i9 9900k @ 5,3Ghz and M10Apex I get a much lower score , few thousands lower which is a lot. I used different drivers including the one you used and my card was clocked higher but still much lower score. I did a few tweaks in Nvidia Control Panel , I also used D3DOverrider but can't even get close to your score even though like I said I had higher clocks on both CPU and GPU so I was wondering if there is another tweak or more a few more to improve the score , thank you.
  9. Thank you very much MetalRacer , I appreciate it , I will try and see what I can get.
  10. Nobody really ? Or is it such a big secret that only big $$$ can buy ?
  11. Does anybody have an ISO image of Windows XP 32/64bit for ASUS Maximus X Apex ? I am noob in create/remove stuff required for it , tried it a few times but no success. If someone can provide a link for it I would highly appreciate it , thanks in advance.
  12. @FireKillerGR Thanks , it worked. I didn't remove any hardware , only shutdown and press the flashback. I even restored an XP image that I got from suzuki to an old Intel 60Gb SSD , it is working (partially) but I need drivers compatible with XP for the mainboard and my graphic card is a GTX 1080 and afaik there is none. I tried to launch DriverPackSolution but couldn't start it , any ideas ?
  13. I wanted the modded 1801 to have HT enabled , with EZ Flash didn't work for me no matter the extension used but I will try the flashback method. Now question for those experienced , for M10A I have to rename the BIOS to a specific extension or leave it as it is ? Also , do I have to remove completely every other hardware from the mainboard and unplug everything ? When I did the flashback for M9A I only plugged the PSU and started the flash. Thanks again for your answers.
  14. @GGI78 How did you flash it ? You had to rename it to something specific ? On M9A using the flashback method I had to rename it creative.rom . And can you pls post a link here if you are allowed for a XP that work on the M10A ?Thanks in advance for your answer.
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