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  1. I benched today Sunday 5 jan 2020 with a GTX770 used previously on air and now on water cooling and this time I used the latest CPU-Z version 1.91 in the print screens as well as I included a text with my nickname , card used and current date. I also did a video with my general setup , the room where I installed my hardware instead of staying outside , the "guilty" bucket with only water , no ice or anything else to help going subzero , just taking advantage of the chill weather this period of time in Bucharest and the monitor used. I hope this is enough proof to you or anybody else that I'm using real stuff , hardware I own. General setup video - https://www.bitchute.com/video/896vM1XkszrS/
  2. I did a video with this score to prove to mr. AdventurePO (and not only) that what I use is for real and nothing subzero , benched and filmed today 5 jan 2020. I also did a video with my general setup , the empty room soon to be demolished in which I bench instead of staying outside , to "guilty" bucket which is used as is , no ice or anything else just taking advantage of the chill temps in this period of time in Bucharest. I hope this is enough evidence as I also used latest cpu-z 1.91 in the print screens as well as a text with my nickname and current date. 2k3 result - https://www.bitchute.com/video/8QJcQbdyzmlk/ General Setup - https://www.bitchute.com/video/896vM1XkszrS/
  3. I did benched on ambient , I have an empty room part of a body of rooms that will be demolished sometime in near future to be replaced by a new construction. In the meantime is used to store some things but mostly is empty. Instead of staying outside in the yard with all my hardware , I am using that room since the temps nowadays in Bucharest are between 2-7 celsius during the day. I am using a Horizon 22" monitor 1680x1050 res for this purpose and the full screen picture can be seen in a pgn format in one of the 3 tests that require to upload a file , Aquamark and 2 Unigines Heaven Basic and Extreme. I had no idea I have to include a text with 2020 visible in it but for the next tests I will and I will also include pictures of the room , monitor and so on. As for the cuting print screen , I always did this to make it in jpg format which is smaller size than pgn but here it is for your curiosity , https://imgur.com/6Z7KhTU
  4. Can you be more specific please , which one of the 3 above do you have it ?
  5. Thank you Mythical but I had a M10A , I have my CPU now on a modded M9A since I did a combo with the 10A for my brother and wanted to try the 11A as I saw it is a better overclocker not only for the ram but the CPU also needs less voltage. I can find another 10A localy but I can't order a 11A or Z390 Dark since they are not listed on any retailer list here. I could order a M11G but the oppinions on the performance is split between the people who had experience with it unlike the main two ones listed above. As for the MOCF I still have a few legacy GPU's that would perform in few 3d tests better on Win XP than other OS and my CPU even though not a golden chip is still an ok'ish one and I am tempted to try it out.
  6. Looking for one of the 2 boards mainly or a Z170M OCF hard modded so I can run a 9900k on it. If any available please give more info about them , condition , etc. Thank you in advance.
  7. Thank you guys , the Eheim submersible pump I also got it from poparamiro and since the temps droppped to 4-5 Celsius this period in Bucharest , I thought to play a little bit and see what it can do :)
  8. @ MaddMutt Yes , it is modded , I bought it as a bundle along with a few other GPU's from poparamiro ,he had a topic with massive number of old GPU's , the majority (if not all) modded by him.
  9. Tyvm FireKillerGR , was looking for it myself.
  10. If only you could test if it's working with 9900k ...I guess you don't have anybody in your area to help you out with this ...
  11. I don't think it is because otherwise why it is needed to create these custom BIOS files to make the M9A work with CL CPU's. On the official page in the list of CPU support the max is 7 series (7700K) so natively the CL CPU's (8xxx and 9xxx) are not supported officialy.
  12. Hey , it should work. If you have your motherboard modded to work with CoffeeLake CPU's you don't need to isolate/strap pads on the CPU. I have the same motherboard Maximus IX Apex and 9900k and I just flashed the BIOS to check if it's working and it does , no problems. You do need a flash drive that work on this motherboard like dreamcat4 said , I remember when I first tried with a few SanDisk flash drives and it didn't works , seems those are not compatible with this board for this task , I changed to a noname flash drive and it's working ever since. The file already has the .rom extension so just rename ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-2203.rom to creative.rom , I didn't use any tool just simple rename the file and should work. Use the proper USB port (the one located near the HDMI port on the bottom) press the flash back button untill it start to flash and then let it finish , aprox. 1-2 minutes depends how fast your flash drive is. Good luck , it is quite easy.
  13. I understand now , thank you all very much for explaining.
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