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  1. AutisticChris

    [FS][EU] Golden I5-7640x

    What's the voltage needed for 5.5ghz?
  2. AutisticChris

    Several CPU LN2 containers

    Waiting for reply
  3. AutisticChris

    Moving Sale Round 3

    Dang. I missed out on the crosshair formula. Any clue what the problems are on the extreme and the gene?
  4. AutisticChris

    Moving Sale Round 3

  5. AutisticChris

    [FS][EU] Golden I5-7640X / 5.5ghz water

    IMC quality?
  6. AutisticChris

    [FS-EU]890FXa-UD7; x58 Xeons; PSC

    PSC shipping costs to US?
  7. AutisticChris

    Moving sale round 1

    Interested in Plasti SR2. US, correct?
  8. AutisticChris

    5870 Matrix

  9. Any Xeons still up?
  10. AutisticChris

    DDR3/ DDR4/ CPUs

  11. AutisticChris

    Good Intel Core i7 5960X

    Good lord