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  1. @Kashtan @websmile idk about 4266 32m but the Dark managed 4220 12-11 supertight waza. EDIT: see you have Apex now. Hope you enjoy it!
  2. @Moonman Have you done any core or memory overclocking?
  3. The Dark may be useful for the last stage
  4. Dark has proper xp, for legacy and single thread. Dark has 12 phases (using proper doubler) vs Apex with 16 (8 phases real with each 2 stages in parallel). Basically, Dark has better efficiency and needs less voltage for same frequency, Apex could handle more power draw (relevant if 10+ cores on 1151). Dark has igpu support, for possible oc competitons or igpu gold. Asus bios is more well known and probably cleaner. Both support 4900+ 14-13 ez, so mem support is basically equivalent. Apex much cheaper, even in US. Dark no rgb, Apex rgb.
  5. @Moonman Do you mind posting your bios and results to the Maximus VIII thread?
  6. Please change AutisticChris -> YoungChris Thank you
  7. AutisticChris

    [FS] Apex X Apex IX MOCF's

    You never told me you had mocfs. I actually had money saved up and everything, come on.
  8. Over 1cb point per mhz core, cool
  9. @Aurosonic May just need maxmem, or settings not stable for daily. What about 4133+ cl16?
  10. @Aurosonic Try 2t and/or maxmem.
  11. @miker2ka I'm not sure, but I don't think the Taichi XE is amazing for memory clocking. You'd probably want an OCF, Dark, Apex, or Extreme Omega.
  12. AutisticChris

    [WTB-US] CFL CPU with decent imc

    I'm looking for a decent coffee lake cpu. Capable of 4133 12-11 49/50 6-6 booting without much fuss, on reasonable ambient cooling. Can be anywhere between 8350k and 9900k, but I have a not-huge budget. Not necessarily looking for a golden core. I'm thinking a good 8600k or 9600k would be optimum.
  13. AutisticChris

    [FS] 980 Ti KPE, GTX 260 LG, G.Skill DDR4, Corsair DDR3

    I may be interested in the 7700k, if nobody else is.
  14. AutisticChris

    Set of timings for DDR3 Elpida Hyper

    @websmile Do you have any links to that?