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  1. Dual channel 4900 cl19? Well done!
  2. That's really unfortunate. I have a kit of b-die ATM, and am awaiting a CPU to test it. If you can ever find a decent kit, shoot for 6ghz efficiency. I haven't seen anyone go for that in a long while.
  3. AutisticChris

    ASUS Maximus VIII Impact, 7640X Boxed

    @@rne What processor was the impact used with?
  4. @sabishiihito Did you do all of the same pin mods that you would need for the Apex? Pin short and isolation. From here it appears that 6 cores do work: https://valid.x86.fr/aa73ih
  5. @arnavvr Yes, a few people have. There is a mod bios available on the Maximus VIII page.
  6. Someone finally posted results with this board. Impressive.
  7. Killer result. Have you tried direct die?
  8. AutisticChris

    Platinum 7640X

    That 7640x is the lowest I've seen