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  1. Basically just any computer repair shop?
  2. I need tools to mod my Z170M OC formula for coffee. I would assume a decent (no need for overkill) soldering iron, solder, and flux. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would strongly appreciate it.
  3. Need one of these boards for high frequency mem testing. Have PayPal.
  4. I believe this information may apply to Micron 4gb F-Die. According to ASRock qvl, it is used on newer HyperX Fury 4gb sticks, up to 3200c18@1.2v rated.
  5. @Fasttrack @websmile Now, I know this is not a majority case scenario. But, is this an example of 4266 ratio 12-11 1t? If it is, can we figure out how to replicate it?
  6. I don't think you guys get it. It doesn't have to be direct die. It can be built non-direct, just as a normal base. Just as there are direct and non-direct forms of Allen and Miller's BBDD pots.
  7. @Splave I have seen at least one person on FB do 4133 13-18-18 at 1.915v air. I would guess that up to 4200 cl12 is possible on air with big volts and a fan, and 4200 cl11 or faster/tighter should be possible with ln2'd mems. I'm curious if Micron F-Die (4gb) shares the same properties. If so, then OC-ram will be much cheaper.
  8. @Leeghoofd I'll talk to him about this. (Issue being needing Venom hardware)
  9. Hello, I am looking for interest to buy a fast pot from BartX. They can be made for direct die AND non-direct die, and should be compatible with KPC Venom mounting and top. He is looking for $200 for the base, ~$25 for a direct die IHS, and ~$40 for shipping to US. Should be less for shipping within Europe. Hoping at least 5 people will be ready to buy before he makes them. See this Facebook post for what he is basing the design on: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1492320834215163&id=100003117810521 I believe it should also be similar to RULE's pot. I'm looking into what a base Venom top+mounting kit would cost as well.
  10. 170e shipped is an insane deal for 4133 32m. Somebody snap this up.
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