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  1. I'm wondering how there were at least 4 people that were around 8m20s, even some at sub 8m17s with 3200, on 1st Gen Ryzen and whatever methods they used have not been discovered by someone else yet. Even if AMD and 32m are a niche combination it doesn't make sense that someone else doesn't know how to make them work.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SAMSUNG-8GB-4-x-2GB-2Rx8-PC3-10600E-WORKSTATION-MEMORY-RAM-M391B5673GB0-CH9/273598258321?hash=item3fb3ba1c91:g:9rQAAOSwnWpcUzBi:sc:USPSFirstClass!35405!US!-1 Here's a solid option.
  3. @Sparks.nl Is the issue with the stick on the IC or the PCB?
  4. @Sparks.nl Do you have any pics/screens of the kit?
  5. 2933 cl9 should be possible, even across dual rank or maybe dual rank + 2dpc with c6h. With good mem 3600+ cl9 should be possible on ambient. It may be worth seeing if the C7H can do c14, as that would make the fabric clock relatively close to 2933 1:1, but it may only be possible on X570 Godlike or 2 dimm boards.
  6. @I.nfraR.ed @Hardware_Numb3rs Do either of you have plans on testing Zen 2 and/or Windows XP for SP32M?
  7. According to results so far, IPC on Zen 2 is far better than Zen 1 and Coffee Lake. 3700X seems to trade blows with the 9900k, better in productivity/compute and worse in gaming. Power draw is really good, and so are temps. Clocks haven't really improved.
  8. The kit is <$200USD here in the US, potential killer deal.
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