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  1. Looks like an issue with XTU can't even export locally now. I uninstalled re-installed gave my user full rights to the intel app dir and all sub-dirs and the destination path in docs for the export file. Still can't export
  2. Or I can manually export out from XTU but I don't see anywhere on hwbot where I can manually upload
  3. I don't see a setting for localization but everything is in English. is there a setting in XTU where I have to enter my hwbot account login and password I don't see any settings for this?
  4. Manually installed 6.4.19 same problem. I also tried turning my AV software off no luck
  5. ah one sec. one screen says up to date the other says its says ignored updates. Then when I tell it to restore ignored updates it errors out cannot verify. Let me try a manual install
  6. Yes latest version 3/4/2018. Also had same problem with older version
  7. I am running the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and trying compare online and keep getting An error occurred while trying to upload the profile. I don't see an option in the util to enter my hwbot account info, but I am logged in on the browser. What am I missing? Thanks.
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