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  1. Many retail 4770k about 1.15v-1.26v 4.5G But the one best.... L306B***
  2. lucky chip ! GO not like voltage, first run,vfsb 1.5v pll 1.8v ,Second run , mod all
  3. I Sent hkepc john John test with LN2 PCB 53 6.887G http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2549013 NOW IMC DUAL CHANNEL 3150MHZ ,mem is not well waiting retest
  4. L211B226 3570k×2 PCB 0051 4.5G 1.06v p95 1.26v 5G 4CORE PI 32M On air cooling U120E PCB 0053 4.5G 1.08v p95 1.28v 5G 《----- IMC 2982mhz on air
  5. In my opinion this activity is a joke ,Because only China !hahaha
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