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  1. So... Only MOA for Europe this year? In the picture I see the winner in the world tour Brazil and it is not clear for me if the qualifiers where there too.
  2. Awesome man, best of luck and hope to see your results soon... Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  3. Hi guys... I am not as Pro as the guys here but here we go... I am Germán and I am from Colombia (South America). I started in the overclocking with AM3 socket...and after that jumped to Intel 2600k. I have not done any volt mod yet but I have plans to do soon for 8800 destruction competition on OCN. I am part of the OCN team and part of the moderator team on Tom's hardware. You usually can find me in Tom's, OCN, here or a local forum called Laneros. I would like to be part of the CTF for involve a little more the latin american community in the OC world.
  4. Somebody here knows how to create an spyware, virus or similar that "kill" GPUs like this?... Nice run Bass
  5. Interesting... I would like to help on this, now that I finish my career I have more time to dedicate to this hobby.
  6. Like @ObscureParadox says, that model seems more a "wallet" model that anything else...what with the people that only buy 1 CPU per generation? Like me...
  7. Correct correct... ES old gen are allowed for submits except in competitions.
  8. Old ES generation are allowed automatically as soon as a new generation comes out...that's clear.
  9. Air cooling or AIO coolers would be the "limit" I think, for new guys could be too much use volt mods and extreme cooling at the same time. In MOA 2013 (if I am right) the volt mods for the GPU (750 Ti I think) was shared since the beginning of the online qualifiers...we can do the same here.
  10. Would be good add some "pre-start" time. In USA or Europe is "easy" find GPUs but in some other countries takes a little more time, 10 days before the kick off would be good time to find and get the GPU for the next season.
  11. I still have 2 or 3 of those 8600...not sure if all works. Why not make it more open? i.e. 3 methods for participate... 1) Using 8600 (specific model?) 2) Using GT 610 3) Using HD 5450 Same benchmarks for all, the point would be how to make it "fair" for all since not all GPUs have the same submits in HWBot. Overclock percentage?
  12. Yeah, I saw that on facebook too...almost the same model that we are talking about.
  13. And something few generations back? Let see...GTX 260 or 460? would not be good idea?
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