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  1. this is nice!! but no chance for liquid cooling/ss users...
  2. seems that the whole points i've being missing are all now fixed, nice work Massman! Thank You very much!
  3. and if i look here ... i'm on the team.... there's a serious problem in here.....
  4. hi guys! i've being whatcing for a long time hwbot behaviour , this is what : months ago i left my team, and joined back , i was not able to get my team submissions points back, nothing worked, recalculate point, team points recalculation, editing submissions and so on, nothing works! this afternoon i posted back an old submission, this one --> http://hwbot.org/submission/2295684_ and correctly had team points, and now after like 2 hours team points are missing AGAIN. what is that? is some one reporting my submissions or what? are you guys blocking my submissions?! i'd like an answer. and please can someone fix this problem and force my team points once and for all?! i'm at 400/1020 team points and i'd like to have them back! waiting for an answer. Thanks.
  5. no.... appena salgo un pò col blck s'incazza tutto... ho già provato...
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