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  1. Yea... In 2011 my HTPC/NAS was hit with bitlocker ransomware while we were on an extended vacation. The house sitter used the internet connection to download some college prep programs from several different servers. Like an air-head she ignored several computer warnings. Since she was on the front end (pass-thru router), and not the second secure router, she exposed my server side. I'm to date trying to figure out how to break that 256bit code. I still have that double redundant 12TB mirror raid SilverStone with about 4TB of locked up files. I posted a request for help here for the Abit MOBO
  2. Help requested: `Intro- Hi everyone... I'm a little o'l school so, some forgiveness I pre-request. Heck-far, after all.. Someone whom worked as a double agent debugging (QA Testing) IBM's OS2 and warp then defecting to alpha-beta testing MS Whistler (NT 5.0), has to be! Can't believe I still have those old Assembly, Basic, Basica, and GEM (yea, I played around) files along with Windows 2.1 thru Back Office NT 5.0 (source codes). Don't ask, gag order! Now, back in my days push or pop didn't have anything to do with drugs and a stack didn't refer to any female anatomy. However, I am pro q
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