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  1. Whats the Fu**.. My Card run 2101 at FSE at Stock... And under LN2 the big Shock.... The Card get out at -65C°
  2. CornerJack.. Does the Hotwire work with the OC-Panel? I can read the Voltage, but i cant change the Voltage...
  3. Under 1,59 or 1,60 , it runs not properly or stopping. I am testing something at Time. Yes.. i do no work without Multimeter. The max Load was 1,615V. Wanna change the Powersupply..
  4. Thanks I set the voltage with (Hotwire)OC-Panel(RVE). At this run i set it on "82". ~1,62 - 1,65V And yes.. I am very happy with that card. Very Nice!
  5. First.. Thanks for the praise... The Card is a Asus 980 Ti 20th Aniversary Gold Edition. And i have remove all Limits! The ASICS is 79,9% The Voltages are very diffrent. GPU Tweak shows realy more than all other. The OC Panel ( Rampage V Extreme) shows a Voltage (under Load!!) between 1,58 and 1,61V. Next run i try a multimeter. The GPU Tweak window is a evidence, to show it is not subzero! The Cooling is realy easy: We have Winter in Germany! And a Big Radiator stands outside. Watertemp are 0 - 2 degrees. The System works with three Pumps.
  6. I ve the Nvidia Shield. Naturally i want to bench. But i cant upload some benches, because CPU / GPU are not in Database. HWBot Prime works, but no validation, because no CPU found. Any Chance to update the Database and Hwbot Prime?
  7. Looks very good. Is there a chance to make a BBCode for Woltlab Forums?
  8. I think we must strongly work at our communication, Mr. Moose83 .... I look what can i do .. let me a little time. :)
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