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  1. Damn dude you save me twice, thank you so much man!
  2. From what Buildzoid wrote on his blog about it, the memory should benefit from core voltage. I didn't test myself yet but I will try. I also don't know the core to memory clock ratio on the card yet. Apparently some have a golden ratio where memory won't be stable but can be at higher clocks because of core clock. I hope I will be able to test it soon, also card might be trash on cold, it isn't a golden card either, I've seen some going higher on water cooling, but temperature seems to also be important as the second card I got can run 1200MHz core when it's under 60 degrees, when it gets over it can't go beyond 1125MHz.
  3. Thanks mate! I hope the new ASUS Tweak will still be able to gain voltage control and give me extended frequency range, already maxing out the slider for memory at 1625MHz in afterburner on stock BIOS.
  4. I already found this page, but all the links are down.
  5. I picked up an R9 290X on ebay that seems to do pretty well on that stock airplane blower, up to 1250MHz on core but at 100% fan speed it goes up to 80 degrees and when it goes up there it starts to artifact a lot. I have a single stage I want to smack on it, but I cannot for the life of me find the PT1 and PT3 BIOS anywhere on the internet. Back when they came out I was running two of these with water cooling and PT1 BIOS and it helped a lot, og gave me full voltage control. With stock BIOS I can only go to +100mv on core and AUX, I remember these BIOS being ASUS vendor and their program could get full voltage control and bigger range on core/memory clock. Card does 1625MHz memory which is maxed out on stock BIOS with afterburner. It has Hynix RAM. Does anyone have these BIOS, or can point me in a direction where I can get more voltage control? I do not have the hardware to make a mod on it, and I need it by the weekend as I have a livestream coming up. Thanks guys!
  6. Thank you. I don't know anymore man... A mod removed a score of mine not that long ago saying that on low res I could more the CPU-Z where it is here. I did that because of specific instructions from a mod. If needed I can take some pictures of the actual server. I still have 4 that I need to assemble before they go into production. Higher res is a no go, I had to install the GPU driver, something I usually do not do, just to get this res, and my monitor refuses to go higher, I have no other monitor. It is not very common to run high res on servers where you only need video output for setting up stuff...
  7. Hi richba5tard, At first it didn't want to let me do it. Now that I got my RAM to run at a higher speed with tighter timings, suddenly it will save my benchmarks run. Maybe it could have happened because I ran various runs and saved them, to get the best run. I could not for the life of me get it to write any sort of number in the "score" column on the profiles tab, no matter what profile I used or if I created a new, now it seems to be working out of the blue. Anyway thank you very much for writing back!
  8. I have tried to upload my XTU score. I have the hardware and got further than some so I'd like to participate if anything just for the lucky draw. When I save my profile after the benchmarking finished the score is not saved into the profile. I have tried so many times by now with different names and everything. If I press compare online it is uploaded correctly to hwbot and I can submit my score, but to compete here I have to save the profile WITH the benchmark score. Can someone please tell me this before time runs out? What do I do?
  9. Then it makes sense, thanks. Just weird, when I reboot my computer I can do it on almost the same time as when it is disabled. I would say the difference is within the margin of error. But it might be because of the processor speed. I will test with higher clocks when I get the time.
  10. Heh yeah, since no one had put one up yet, I though I'd give it a shot.
  11. I made a team for me and my friends. One says he has applied for the team. I am the captain. How to I accept his application? Seems like a redundant question, but I really can't find anything about it.
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