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  1. You can find your creo subtest 11 score for that run in C:\SPEC\SPECgpc\SPECviewperf12\results_20181130Txxxx_r1\creo-01\viewperfresult.html
  2. That is not your creo subtest 11 score. That is your creo composite score. Your creo subtest 11 score will be MUCH lower. I guarantee it. Please delete this submission and try again.
  3. Wrong score. Your subtest 11 score is 0.86 FPS. I was wondering how on Earth you managed to pull that off with a GTX 980.
  4. Buy nothing. It's all free. Let me spell this out...if you missed it. 1. Download free/Tryout version of Geekbench 3 2. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Geekbench 3 3. Rename geekbench_x86_64.exe to geekbench_x86_32.exe 4. Open Geekbench 3 and Run Benchmarks 5. Get scores for the 64-bit benchmarks you just ran
  5. That's what the edit option is for. We all make mistakes. Nobody's going to hold it against you. Nice score BTW.
  6. mr.wulten

    HWBOT GPUPI 1B Benchmark Validation Regulations

    The what? What's going on with this thing now? No 3.3 or beyond...for what? GPU or CPU? So why is 3.3 listed under videocard and processor benchmarks then? Just no points for it...or what. This page says to use V2.3. But we can't use V2.3.4??? Use V2.3.what then? W T F IS THE DEAL?! Please explain. Thanks!
  7. Then where do I get V3.1+? The link only has V3.3.2. Is anybody going to do anything about this? Or are we just not doing GPUPI anymore? I'm so lost. Please explain. Thanks! PS, V3.3.2 doesn't even work...AT ALL!!! So you don't need to worry about that POS.