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  1. Haha! Never mind. Just me being an idiot again. Seriously though. How/why does Windows 10 vs. Windows 7 make such a HUGE difference with multi core scores with this bench?
  2. Wow! I guess memory clock helps quite a lot then...or something? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around that.
  3. You can find your creo subtest 11 score for that run in C:\SPEC\SPECgpc\SPECviewperf12\results_20181130Txxxx_r1\creo-01\viewperfresult.html
  4. That is not your creo subtest 11 score. That is your creo composite score. Your creo subtest 11 score will be MUCH lower. I guarantee it. Please delete this submission and try again.
  5. Wrong score. Your subtest 11 score is 0.86 FPS. I was wondering how on Earth you managed to pull that off with a GTX 980.
  6. That's what the edit option is for. We all make mistakes. Nobody's going to hold it against you. Nice score BTW.
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