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  1. Hi, I have the manual for 8RDA3+ Pro but I think they are pretty much the same. https://yadi.sk/i/E0wpN4Nr2qYtXg
  2. Hi, I've tried these newly uploaded files, the archives are ok but I think there's something wrong with the bios files themselfs. I cannot flash them on my board. Anyway I want to thank you for your reply and effords to help me. I've managed to find one of the files(8RDA6+ Pro/ 8RDA3+ Pro TaiPan 0.1 [E4][ED] Bpl 3.19 17.01.05) myself and it is flashing and working ok. Here's the link: 8RDA6+ PRO 8RDA3+ PRO TaiPan 0.1 [E4][ED] Bpl 3.19 17.01.05 by -=Merlin=
  3. Thanks a lot but unfortunately after I download the files winrar is saying "unexpected end of archive" and I cannot use the files
  4. Hi mates, I'm playing with an old 8RDA3+ Pro and really want to try some of this moded bioses but I cannot find a working link to download them anywhere on the net. I wonder if someone still has the files and is willing to reupload them. I need some of the following files : 8RDA6+ PRO / 8RDA3+ PRO TaiPan 0.1 [E4][ED] Bpl 3.19 17.01.05 by -=Merlin=- 8RDA6+ PRO / 8RDA3+ PRO TaiPan 0.1 [E4][ED] Bpl 3.19C 18.01.05 by -=Merlin=- EP-8RDA6+_PRO_TaiPan2_19.01.06 CPC-1T Thanks and have a nice day
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