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  1. Hardware Masters & just for fun.
  2. I think the test depends on some Windows settings which I have no idea. I set up the OS the same way every time throughout the years, and I have the results go smoothly according to the frequency of the processor (+ - ) throttling from overheating or something. If you look at two results from Prescott. Or you each time for different set up windows , or you have some bugs with the benchmark or framework https://hwbot.org/submission/4202283_mrgenius_black_hole_benchmark_pentium_4_3.4ghz_(prescott)_4828_marks https://hwbot.org/submission/4092084_mrgenius_black_hole_benchmark_pentium_4_3.2ghz_(prescott)_2596_marks Or is it a bug from too high overclocking and instability of the system . Lower the frequency, at 300MHz pass the test, then raise at 100MHz and pass the test and see the results.
  3. I have difficulty with English I write through a translator. I don't know why this is happening. I have with 2014. how did this benchmark always singethreaded high , but in windows 7 it is same low like yours. Here's another 2014 result , unfortunately, the older 478 results with less frequency I have removed but there just as well. https://hwbot.org/submission/2674025_alexmaj467_black_hole_benchmark_athlon_1000_(thunderbird_fsb_133_socket_462)_1455_marks Here is outcome another user which has 1 place and I have the second place with a lesser frequency. https://hwbot.org/submission/3067489_aleslammer_black_hole_benchmark_athlon_64_3200_(manchester)_5454_marks I always configure the OS in this way. But unfortunately it is in Russian, will be of little use, but there is nothing beyond the unknown to configure the OC.
  4. Look at my other results . The higher the frequency the higher the result, the higher the result is not Random but comparable to frequency increase. If this error program only works in Windows XP, I'm not to blame, use WindowsXP is not prohibited.
  5. Use Windows XP only . windows 7 and others bring 40% less points . And Adjust priority and affinity.
  6. Thanks. Not so cold water, about 14 degrees Celsius. Here is a month ago still was 9 degrees. But now the air is closer to +30 and condensate falls immediately.I need to turn the air conditioning on,To get rid of the dew point.
  7. The result is filed in the wrong category. the card that was used 128bit is not 64 bit.Here is the right category transfer the result there. https://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard/geforce2_mx400_64mb/
  8. Necessary, but not yet comes at a reasonable price. The motherboard is already very tired, I hope it will withstand the overtaking of all my AGP graphics cards.
  9. Good result. Soon I return the result, I just started to sort out my AGP video card from GF2 and above.
  10. Thanks. A good memory, on an Intel platform would be much better.
  11. Thanks. I do not know the benefits, I immediately changed the BIOS and did not try to use the native BIOS . I guess I did it because of better function Load-Line Calibration
  12. Thanks. one of the eight went so well, he needs a SS. Would have been almost everywhere first. china,5603B171(2L604057)A1377
  13. The calculation of points is correct. Just these results somehow so considered, the rest of which I counted more than 80 processors correctly raschitany.
  14. Sorry about my English . I found a bug in the scoring system. I did recalculation of the results GEEKBENCH3 - SINGLE CORE and noticed that if the gap from the first place and the last is more than 25% then this last result gives not 0.2 points but much more. look at the first and last result. https://hwbot.org/benchmark/geekbench3_-_single_core/rankings?hardwareTypeId=processor_1491 https://hwbot.org/benchmark/geekbench3_-_single_core/rankings?hardwareTypeId=processor_550 https://hwbot.org/benchmark/geekbench3_-_single_core/rankings?hardwareTypeId=processor_921 https://hwbot.org/benchmark/geekbench3_-_single_core/rankings?hardwareTypeId=processor_1316 GEEKBENCH4 - MULTI CORE https://hwbot.org/benchmark/geekbench4_-_multi_core/rankings?hardwareTypeId=processor_301 https://hwbot.org/benchmark/geekbench4_-_multi_core/rankings?hardwareTypeId=processor_397 maybe it's just the individual results, as there is where the right thinks.
  15. 50 hardware in season too many. But it can cause people to get old, hardware and overclock the fact that they still do not have available in hardware the library . Thereby increasing the popularity of a particular iron. But I for number of results 30.
  16. Sorry for my English. Comrades , the Number of global points for the season interesting for those who uses the top iron and the cooling Nitrogen. I is the number of no matter though 5 results put. (decide among those who are on Global scores work). 10 Global per season Let it. Global 20 for the season, let it be 20. 30 Global points let it be . Those who do not receive Global points this number does not matter. Leave those who use water or air cooling 30 Hardware results per season .
  17. I can't get in more than 7 hours, on hwbot. uat works perfectly.
  18. thanks I just forgot . unlock new cores i need to specify the number and have the result be in another section. And when i disable the processor cores , I submit the result to the category of how many physically there are cores in this model, without coming up with anything new.
  19. Sorry my English. I forgot if I can disable AMD cores for cpu-z , pifast and superpi feed. My processor Athlon x2 7750BE above is overclocked if I disable the second core.
  20. The screenshot shown is not A pcmark04 test, it is from another PCmark05 test
  21. Sorry my English. This is Google translate. I read this topic , where it was said that the use of version 130 build 1.0.0 is allowed, in which you can set the priority of the process in real time. But the fact is that the use of real - time priority increases the result in the first three tests (Multithreaded test 1, Multithreaded test 2, Multithreaded test 3) almost twice and thus greatly differ the overall result from those who use build 1.1.0-1.3.0. And this applies only to processors with one core. To get a high result on a processor with one core but two threads you need to disable HT. I had to create this topic earlier before posting the results, but what's done is done. Let's decide whether it is possible to use the build version 1.0.0, if not then I will have to redo all the results of 754 socket , 939 socket and 478 socket. Perhaps those that I have posted with real time you can edit and disable them credit of points , they will as an example to calculate who will also use the 1.0.0 build. For example, the result of which I have not yet laid out. My old result Intel Celeron D 335 (2.80GHz, s478)_Speed__3708MHz__-__build_1.0.0__-__real-time_priority_=_6105_Marks My result at higher frequency, which has not yet been posted. Speed 4557MHz - build 1.0.0 - real-time priority = 8189 Marks Speed 4557MHz - build 1.0.0 - high or normal priority = 6021 Marks If you need to write a list of my results where I used the 1.0.0 build . so as not to waste time looking for them in my profile. The file of the version of the program I used can also be found here.
  22. The Google translator. Let's find a program that accurately shows the bus and the multiplier for these systems, and add to the rules only for this socket that this program should be in the screenshot. And take the frequency of the final program is not CPU-Z and from another program. And from that time on, future results will only be checked for this socket.
  23. responded on your command forum. You need to run the old version 1.78 without closing it to run the new version 1.83 or 1.86 and the new version will tab SPD with information..
  24. Welcome to the team. Fix the result. you have one processor, not four at the same time on your motherboard .
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