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  1. If you dont wanna bin i would say 4266.
  2. 20l is too small. go for 30l and 2 of those. especially if you wanna run with gpu on lN2. I do have an adress where you can get 40l dewar for 200euro but thats very heavy and it has an bigger opening (120mm).
  3. Sparks, take them or I will..
  4. Some how I wonder what that 3th 8400 does on cold.. 2 bad I dont have a 700 fsb board to try it. The 8400 I have now maxes my board on fsb..
  5. Advice for compo: add the right riggpic.. not the one with watercooling
  6. I'll take it. Pm me the details
  7. I know.. gold will be very hard but improve this score should not be a problem.. next time the NB will be on lN2 also..
  8. Damm great set.. With the golden stuff it hard to estimate.. But I think you should be able to get at least 600 for the set with OCF. Then again i might be off and it worth a lot more.. Depends on the market.... I would not let this go below 600.
  9. Nah 742 is fine.. I can push for 3 more weeks and get 743.. enjoy that max 2 months and see it shattered by 7350K's
  10. Name and spcification do say different things. A 6320 hiding in a 6100name..
  11. Bugged it is funny tho. If you submit bugged run say so and remove after a few hours or so.
  12. I dont understand the ES discussion.. high bin retail are fastest. Skip the ES rule. As for the SOC force lN2, it is a mobo.. gigabyte didn't release it for retail... their loss. Asrock is laughing loud..
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