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  1. Agreed it is ongoing - thus time recognition is easy as we have a clock. Records are set to be broken, be they Olympic, Guinness or Benching. If you don't break it - you are second, and if we have multiple, the clock dictates the prizes! World Record - an "unsurpassed" accomplishment or statistic (hence second, or any equal, cannot make the claim to the "record")
  2. REPOST: PJ et al, Thought the below would add value and be far better for MaxxMem and MemClock ...PAQd
  3. Guys, Is this thread serious - why are we trying to reinvent the wheel? Will any sport hand out Gold medals for the 2003 world champinships in 2013 (10 years later)? No, they will hand out a Gold medal as the 2013 champion. If the 2003 champion had set a world record, will that sport call the 2013 Gold medallist a World record holder if the time/score is equalled? No Therefore - first up best dressed. You must better the encumbents performance to claim the prize. (and thus time does matter) Nuff said..........
  4. PJ et al, Thought the below would add value and be far better for MaxxMem and MemClock ...PAQd
  5. Ticket ID: 1670 Priority: Low Please add Intel D915GAG motherboard http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2725946 Thanks
  6. Ticket ID: 1668 Priority: Low A7N8X2.0 will search OK and is in the system however cannot load during mobo sub - only A7N8X board available as option is the -X, and there are many others which do not show up. Cheers
  7. GENiEBEN, Great job on the wrapper. One note: Subbed today http://hwbot.org/submission/2355457 but the wrapper did not recognise my 2500K. From what I saw it appears the "-" between i5-2500K caused the issue. Minor but had to go back in and edit after initial sub to insert CPU speed as it would not allow initially. ...PAQd
  8. Yep, prime candidate to start a "Parking Lot" sticky in the development forum for future reference and revisiting by anyone.
  9. Some great thoughts and thought provoking comments here, however the last release of new benchmarks was poor to say the least. When we can manage the work associated with robust (secure as mentioned numerous times) and clear (rules and submission page) implimentation, then perhaps reconsideration of this thread intent should take place. With the utmost respect, from what I read and see generally this "sport" and our beloved HWBOT is still attempting to run before we have learnt to crawl properly. Yes some have a single focus on the boints, but others have a focus on cups, additionally, some focus on older hardware for no other reason than the pleasure and nostalgia. Does this mean that the poor get the picture? We must continue to offer benchmarks for all comers (age, race, knowledge or wealth/social status). Some people spend thousands on new hardware, others thousands on old hardware, and for some their only desktop is it, but it means thousands to them. Plenty bench on the older benchmarks because they know that attempting without cold will be fruitless. The greatest advantage we have is the possibility to make our pleasure available to a diverse group of participants as possible. Ask yourself what you/your team last did to attract new players to our wonderful game, and how would they view a sport/interest where the current rulebook is inconcise and ambiguous. Perhaps someone can check the real numbers but I would be surprised if more than 30% of the reistered HWBOT members in teams are active. What does this tell you? We aren't selling the game well! Lets devote our efforts to polishing the great that has been created in the past years before we go down this very generalistic thinking path. A working group should attack 2D and 3D sperately for a start, let alone the hardware points discussion. As stated in this thread earlier the Pro League has very different drivers - let's make sure we don't confuse things. ....and keep up the good work PAQd
  10. Edit: Closed - it's done! Please add the following DDR2: PNY XLR8 GOLD PC2-9384 2x1GB Kit Cheers PAQd
  11. PAQd

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    Yes please - both BOT & Forum to "PAQd" Many thanks
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    Are you able to change my username Turrican? Cheers
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    Massman, after considering the issues the apostrophy causes I have decided to change username to simply "PAQd" without the apostrophy. I have changed in our team homepage/forum so all is aligned. This will solve problems for many! Please change for me as the option in my user account page got disabled with your last ammendments. Many thanks
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    That it is! Thanks Pieter
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    Cheers Turrican - some got changed but all my links on our Team Members page are still incorrect as above. A further look would be appreciated :thumbup:
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