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  1. Ocvt

    [FS:EU] Z170MOCF - 200EUR shipped!!!

    The atx version isn't amazing, it doesn't have vtt and I was topping out at about 3600 CL 12-11-11-28 at the same subtimings that I was running at 4060 on the apex with no problem.
  2. Ocvt

    FS: 6565MHz r15 7350k / 6650MHz r15 7700k

    Sending pm for 7350k
  3. Ocvt

    FS: USA: 7700t, 980ti, ddr4, water cooling parts.

    I'll take the CPU block and fittings.
  4. I honestly think that if you are in the elite league you should be held to a higher standard and have a zero give policy.
  5. That's sad. I am fairly new to hw bot but have been doing overclocking for a few years as a hobby and it already seems like there is a big problem with people cheating, like cooling 1.7 volts on a 7700k in an avx workload on an ambient loop, yeah right.
  6. So I noticed a lot of submissions by H2OvsLN2 use a 6950x. He obviously has higher end hardware and the benchmarks in question scale past 20 threads. Why would he use a 10 core instead of a 7960x or 7980xe
  7. Why do lots of people remove the chipset heatsink and does it actually have any benefits? Can it cause damage? What are safe temperatures for an intel chipset?
  8. Ocvt

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Are you allowed to use the 2200/2400g stage 9?
  9. Ocvt

    help getting cheaper ln2

    I actually got a dewer from a former professor who used to breed horses. None of the stores in the area have dry ice but I have a place they does for 2$ a pound. The problem is I live on campus and they are fine with me having ln2 of dry ice but not acetone because it can be a fire hazzard.
  10. Ocvt

    help getting cheaper ln2

    I have been wanting to get into xoc for a while but price is a bit of a barrier to entery especially since I am in university. Luckily I was able to make a cpu pot at my fabrication lab(not a very good one but better than nothing)
  11. Ocvt

    help getting cheaper ln2

    I did but they are about 7$ because at least at the beginning of the year they only had medical grade. It was 3 if you get 150 l or more
  12. Ocvt

    help getting cheaper ln2

    So the only place that I can get to within half an hour is a welding store and the do it for 5$ there is also a medical gas store but it is 10$. I am located in Burlington Vermont
  13. There is only one supplier in my area and they want 5$ L. I told them that was expensive and they pretty much said suck for you go somewhere else oh wait that right you can't. Is there any national supplier in the united states that does delivery cheaper than that?
  14. I have seen a couple people saying that tesla gpus that they scale well with cold and voltage does't help all that much. I was wondering if using a water chiller at -8 would give me better clock without vcore mods or if would also need vcore mods as well to get better clocks. I was also wondering how far down it will scale, I can get my chiller down to -30c