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  1. Don't GS - I could not even get them stable at 3400MHz mate. Relaxed timings, even had the voltage up to 1.5 but no joy. Same bloody DDR4 that we used at Cambridge (don't think you made that event) what was it three or four years ago. Just pleased that I got dual channel to work. The fist set of DDR4 ram I played with, were original DDR4 and could only get one stick working at a time. LOL Good to see how well you have done mate. Very pleased too see you kicking butt and taking names in the benching scene.
  2. I am too afraid of your hat George. It scares me. And thanks for the thought, you never know I may just be back for a bit of fun.
  3. Well done my friend, and things are never smooth but that is not important. What is important is that you were able to translate all those hours of work and effort into a meaningful result. Congratulations.
  4. Lets see how long it takes meankeys and menthol to challenge you at the pinnacle.
  5. TeamGB is here for all UK bencher's mate, and regardless where the motherboard came from you still have to do the business where and when it matter. Chapeau
  6. Very good work my friend, good to see you piling on the pressure in the Welsh battle for top spot.
  7. You are correct. Most sports are rubbish to watch without the comentary. The other gripe I have with live streams is that they try to have every cam showing on one screen. So you get like five small windows and then the viewers can not see anything. The Cambridge event was live streamed and we had different commentators, myself and Ian (borandi) from AnandTech among others, and certainly when I did the semi-finals there was heaps of explaining and geeing up the viewers. We had over 900 people watching that two hour semi-final. It was entertainment both for the spectators at the event and there were plenty and the viewers on line.
  8. Roman and Ian were hard at work for three days non stop at the Cambridge event TeamGB hosted. The guys fought with me to be allowed to stay in the venue late in the evenings so that they could get their set up sorted and ready for the next day. So I do fully agree with what der8auer is saying here. It is not easy to manage 4 way multi cards especially as Roman says if they are extensively modded. Your response does beg the the question, to me, would it be as problematic if we were only using retail video cards that did not need to be modded to the extreme... Sure 4 way on Ln2 is never simple. Took us four days to get it right two years ago to with the R290X cards I seem to recall.
  9. This is something that I feel very strongly about as you know Pieter. Live benching is the next logical step. But what format that live event takes is as important. The current view that watching benching live is boring is true. 10 hours of seeing some bloke pour a clear liquid into a container on a bit of electronics gets stale very quickly. The argument that it is boring is only true when seen through the lens of current benching, where you have unlimited time and no pressure of competition. A high jumper in practice can fail 1000 times with no penalty and finally pass the WR mark. It will not count even though that WR mark has been beaten, why because it was not done in competition. I would like to see the same for Benching. Benching currently is like that high jumper, you can fail as many times as you like with no pressure besides cost of hardware and Ln2. Live viewing in the current format is not going to work, have two hours for a benching match and see the viability ratchet up. People competing against one another is what gets the juices flowing when watching sport. Competition has its place in benching, as does the data base method we current use. They are complementary. But live benching will only be fun to watch if there is a definite start and finish time and most importantly it is a contest between two or more people. Then just maybe it is not boring. You the viewer will see the highs and lows during an event. Hardware fails due to pushing to hard will become part of the game management that a bencher needs to master. Risk versus reward. The drama of competing is the key to viewer engagement.
  10. Go to your local Tesco and buy a camping mat for £4. The blue and yellow ones. That is neoprene mate. Heating element, well a hairdryer will do the job too. But you should be AOK with the 280 cards
  11. I concur with Kenny and Roman about that card mate. You want at least 100 hours of LN2 VGA experience before you get stuck into that one. I recall the pain big time.
  12. Very happy to see only the power limit mod is needed. nice scores as always Ian.
  13. HiVizMan


    He supplied TeamGB with 8 test benches in April no problems at all. And I might add they were donated.
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