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  1. Yes, very nice one, if I may, with or without waza?
  2. The problem with Ryzens is max memory frequency, the IMC struggle to get higher as intel, but on the contrary it loves low timings, C11 or C10 is the best way to avoid being bottlenecked by the RAM frequency
  3. LoL I did some test with Intel between my actual Windows 7 build and Barbonenet Xp, I have roughly the same result (without waza), so probably I will keep optimizing 7 instead of wasting time with Xp, lately I have no time for big os experiments.
  4. So is better to focus on W7 then, didn’t want to spend times on something useless. thanks for the feedback! 👍
  5. Yes, but now I’m working on another iso so I’ll try again with also some other drivers variants, I really hope that the effort to run Xp pays off. At least to get waza working properly and gain something there
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