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  1. Quick test to try max frequency, but got condensation in the back near the socket, with the inferno... not my lucky day, the chip seems decent
  2. Are the Galax 4800 still available? If yes I'm in
  3. That is a nice result, and 5.4 on air looks promising, but I need a fast CPU for Spi32m, I have a 9900K that can do a similar CB15 score and 7.2GHz Spi32m, if this can go above 7.2 I might buy it, any chance for you to test it again?
  4. Did you tried max frequency? something light, like the CPUz Validation, to see how past it can go above 7GHz
  5. Might interested in #2 what is the max Spi32M frequency? (LN2)
  6. Probably your XT doesn't like 1900 flck, try 1800 and work your way up
  7. The CH7 the latest bioses are fine, if you have CB at -170 try to raise SOC voltage in a range between 1.40 to 1,6V but try first at 1,4V and flck at 1400, raise step by step the flck until the CB, then raise the soc gradually to 1,6 and if the CB persist is just the limit, if it goes at 1.6 raise again the flck to the max limit, then do the CPU frequency limit at full pot with the flck value you found. Always keep the ram at 1:1 for best results, for 1600 flckI use 3200mhz C10 or C11 ram
  8. Interesting fabric clock, is the CB better or did you had to bin a lot to find this?
  9. Thanks! I will get back to it when (or if 😁) I recharge. He had 5650 all core, mine was 6550 1 CCX and 6575 in the second, so for the same score is ok to be second 😀 Under load is -184C, from fullpot that was around -188C, and that is weird, cause I usually get -192 with this setup, probably for the very high soc voltage I used to get to 1600 fclk
  10. Link to the Live Session Replay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHwjfY2MVsE
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