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  1. Well done! That is a really big score! Thanks for giving me a good reason to push that card again :D
  2. Thanks guys! This is the ultimate, seems good but it need volts to scale up and I was limited by the cooling, I'll try again with the cascade to have a steady -95, just below CB. I have also to fix the CB of the CPU when plugged the card in the first or second pcie, strangely from bios I cannot set Gen3, it stays gen4 and 3rd slot hurt the score, I can do 5.9+ with this CPU
  3. EVC2 efficiency is far better so far, but I keep to not scaling with cold in frequency over 2800 max clock, is going to be a tough battle, but we like when is challenging right? I will write here my findings along the way when I discover something useful
  4. Got the same issues with the second card, but a CBB at around -80C, CB still around -100C, it seems the power limit is the issue even on this "unleashed" card, I will keep tinkering, maybe with the EVC2 I have more chance to improve.
  5. I'm testing the Liquid Devil Ultimate, but unfortunately, I have no scaling on cold, 2700min and 2800max 2100mem Fast timings is my wall, on Liquid cooling and the same at SS (-40), Cascade (-95) or LN2 (CB at -103C) So count the luck of the draw before buying it, at least set the expectation right, you may end up with a great liquid cooling card, I got the 3Dmark 5th position super easy in Firestrike Extreme, but for this one is the end of the line. Tomorrow I will have another here and repeat the test, I will also use the EVC2 to tinker a bit more.
  6. Great to see that this is taking off, be with you soon 👏
  7. Well done! And thanks, now I know what to do next session
  8. I tried briefly but it was slower, and the usb driver was crashing the system, I’ll need to work more on that to be sure of the efficiency In Zen2 was worse, when you exit 1:1 the latency have a big penalty, and in spi32m latency is everything on Zen, I might try again and with the 5950X. I think I can get into the 4:40 or even bit better, but for the world record I guess a 6.5 is due
  9. Sub 5m done https://hwbot.org/submission/4599561_hardware_numb3rs_superpi___32m_ryzen_7_5800x_4min_58sec_172ms?recalculate=true Cmon, don't let me play alone...
  10. AMD now doesn't need 7GHz, I think that sub 5m is definitely possible with a good chip that can do 5.8/5.9GHz, and we've seen 6GHz+ tonight I'll go LN2 and we start setting a bar
  11. Thanks guys. In fact I made a mistake saving the screen, but before tomorrow I will have a much better one to post properly :D
  12. They have more than 1GHz of advantage on LN2 but I'm sure we can get pretty close this time :)
  13. https://hwbot.org/submission/4598083_hardware_numb3rs_superpi___32m_ryzen_7_5800x_5min_55sec_190ms?recalculate=true Daryl, come and let's restart the funny competition
  14. Quick test to try max frequency, but got condensation in the back near the socket, with the inferno... not my lucky day, the chip seems decent
  15. Are the Galax 4800 still available? If yes I'm in
  16. That is a nice result, and 5.4 on air looks promising, but I need a fast CPU for Spi32m, I have a 9900K that can do a similar CB15 score and 7.2GHz Spi32m, if this can go above 7.2 I might buy it, any chance for you to test it again?
  17. Did you tried max frequency? something light, like the CPUz Validation, to see how past it can go above 7GHz
  18. Might interested in #2 what is the max Spi32M frequency? (LN2)
  19. The CH7 the latest bioses are fine, if you have CB at -170 try to raise SOC voltage in a range between 1.40 to 1,6V but try first at 1,4V and flck at 1400, raise step by step the flck until the CB, then raise the soc gradually to 1,6 and if the CB persist is just the limit, if it goes at 1.6 raise again the flck to the max limit, then do the CPU frequency limit at full pot with the flck value you found. Always keep the ram at 1:1 for best results, for 1600 flckI use 3200mhz C10 or C11 ram
  20. Interesting fabric clock, is the CB better or did you had to bin a lot to find this?
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