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  1. add new pic: 4000 14-14 light memtest stable at 1,61V
  2. on Apex9 with A2 memory i can run only 3733 12-11 for bench, this board is not the best for A2pcb mem, but 24/7 memtest clocks looks very nice for me, i tested 5 kits: 1x 3200c14 ripjaws red 2x 3600c16 SW with no RGB 2x 4000c19 SW with no RGB and this one (4000c19) is the best of all
  3. 3866 @14-14-34-2T tm5 memtest stable with anta777 high profile on 1.54v with air cooling (apex9 for test) can boot/pass light memtest at 4133 15-15 1.54v with easy 165$ us + shipping never used, just test
  4. Hi hwbot! in good condition, a month ago I changed the thermal paste and thermal pads, it heats up to 60/77 on both chips, you can make a downvolt and it will heat up even less, worked only with a normal Corsair HX1000 unit, did not rape, etc.) reason for the sale: in the last four years, it worked only three days history of the video card: I bought it on "Avito" (russian classifieds site like eBay) in 2017 in good condition, it still works, I have not done any repairs, the only problem: the upper DVI does not work, I use the lower one through the DVI-HDMI adapter. and sometimes there is no image when rebooting (this rarely happens), but when u do reboot again, the image appears, it works stably, no problems in games/3D tests price: 60$ + shipping (worldwide shipping from Russia) youtube video + photos:
  5. sorry man. already sold it
  6. hi! worldwide shipping from Russia, never tested this kit on Z87-97 platform, just run one time on AMD A88X (crossbalde rander) and working at 2400 9-11-11 perfect, but with 2T timing 50$ for memory + around 15$ delivery kit name: CMD16GX3M4A2400C9 (2x 4GB) 2 sticks
  7. i have already tried all versions of BIOS, including latest 2702, there is no complete stability on any
  8. do stupid programmers work in asus? can't find normal BIOS for crosshair impact, a lot of problems with the AMD 5000 series, blue screens (WHEA erros), reboots, reducing performance with active PBO, junk/no working fclk 2000+ and e.t.c
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