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  1. fx9370 already sold! pls close! Thx Hwbot!
  2. Fx-9370 tested on phase cooler: 5530-5540@ 1,5v cinebench r15 5740-5760@1,6v cinebench r15 can boot 6000+ 1,7V (same cooler) price: 50$ + shipping (worldwide shippng usually no more than $ 10) Paypal only Fx-9590 tested on phase cooler: 5490@1,5v cinebench r15 5730@1,6v cinebench r15 max boot not tested yet price: 50$ + shipping (worldwide shippng usually no more than $ 10) Paypal only thx hwbot for the space. camvideo_f290b0c.mp4
  3. Hi! new 9900K for sale, price 320$ + shipping, Paypal only, buyer pays all fees Thx hwbot
  4. add new pic: 4000 14-14 light memtest stable at 1,61V
  5. on Apex9 with A2 memory i can run only 3733 12-11 for bench, this board is not the best for A2pcb mem, but 24/7 memtest clocks looks very nice for me, i tested 5 kits: 1x 3200c14 ripjaws red 2x 3600c16 SW with no RGB 2x 4000c19 SW with no RGB and this one (4000c19) is the best of all
  6. 3866 @14-14-34-2T tm5 memtest stable with anta777 high profile on 1.54v with air cooling (apex9 for test) can boot/pass light memtest at 4133 15-15 1.54v with easy 165$ us + shipping never used, just test
  7. Hi hwbot! in good condition, a month ago I changed the thermal paste and thermal pads, it heats up to 60/77 on both chips, you can make a downvolt and it will heat up even less, worked only with a normal Corsair HX1000 unit, did not rape, etc.) reason for the sale: in the last four years, it worked only three days history of the video card: I bought it on "Avito" (russian classifieds site like eBay) in 2017 in good condition, it still works, I have not done any repairs, the only problem: the upper DVI does not work, I use the lower one through the DVI-HDMI adapter. and sometimes there is no image when rebooting (this rarely happens), but when u do reboot again, the image appears, it works stably, no problems in games/3D tests price: 60$ + shipping (worldwide shipping from Russia) youtube video + photos:
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