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  1. what about CL7? 2400+ with 7-7-7/7-8-7 is possible?
  2. can you try this mem under SS/ln2?
  3. M1RR0R

    Good Elpida Hyper kit

    I am looking for a binned elpida Hyper Kit, which can do pass spi32M at 1000mhz@7-7-7 under 1.65V preferably GTX2 and Corsair 2000C7 2x2 kit Thx
  4. M1RR0R

    Asus Rampage III Extreme + X5650 (ES)

    yes i can add memory, Avexir with LED 1333mhz 6x4Gb for 110euro
  5. Hello for sale my ASUS Rampage III Extreme (never overclocked) BOX, full bundle and Xeon X5650 ES, also never overclocked Price: 250 euro for all worldwide shipping 40euro (shipping from Russia) Payment: PayPal
  6. M1RR0R

    Tweaks for Pifast?!

    http://hwbot.org/submission/3866577_m1rror_pifast_celeron_g440_43sec_670ms/ - 2rd place thanks to all!
  7. M1RR0R

    Tweaks for Pifast?!

    in full-screen mode, I knew how to do it before, thanks I needed only to learn about the real-time mode but this already figured out
  8. M1RR0R

    Tweaks for Pifast?!

    I do not want to use any programs
  9. M1RR0R

    Tweaks for Pifast?!

    thanks man
  10. M1RR0R

    Tweaks for Pifast?!

    I read all this, did just that, this is not enough and much from there only worsened the result...
  11. M1RR0R

    Tweaks for Pifast?!

    I do not really understand how to do this, on a single-core processor there will be an increase?
  12. M1RR0R

    Tweaks for Pifast?!

    Many thanks for the link! I will try to improve the result about pifast really little information
  13. M1RR0R

    Tweaks for Pifast?!

    http://hwbot.org/submission/3865275_ - this is my best rusult on G440, I think that efficiency can be improved by settings or Tweaks I can not get to first place
  14. M1RR0R

    Tweaks for Pifast?!

    I ran the task manager during the test, I chose the real-time mode, and even then the result was better I do not understand, how do I set the priority of real-time to run? probably need to do something with the files