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  1. riddle me this bad man. how the heck do you tunr off the all this rgb on this board. when i try to enter into the bios setting, it says 'cant communicate with LED device' and asrock polychrome software doesnt seem to do anything either?
  2. Im not sure what reality you live in, but for me as the seller: claiming something doesnt work after having it in your possession for almost 3 weeks after receiving it, is a RED FLAG. Opening up a claim without even messaging the seller before hand, RED FLAG. Posting up your BEST 10900K a day after receiving mine, RED FLAG. SELLING off your 'BEST 10900K' before testing out a new one, RED FLAG. Per your for sale post, you still had a working, or as you refer to it, 'YOUR BEST 10900k' in your possession until you sold it on the 18th of October. That is 10 days, which you could have easily installed that KNOWN WORKING CPU into the 'suspect' motherboard, and tested it to know IMMEDIATELY, if there was an issue or not. RED FLAG. I sent you the picture of the CPU from the BEGINING with the label and I EXPLAINED to you that I BIN for 24/7 daily stable, NOT XOC. You asked me for additional screen shots and I provided them and the DATALOGs to go with the str ess testing I did for the CPU. I'm not sure who you are trying to fool, but it aint working. I've uploaded all the chat logs, and pictures. anyone thats bored can look thru it an see that your story doesn't add up. No one offers to buy a CPU for $1000, from across the Atlantic, and sits on it for weeks, and then randomly does a claim with out saying a word to the seller beforehand. Congratulations, you played yourself.
  3. thanks I appreciate it! I figured the least i can do would be to give everyone the heads up.
  4. I do have the high res photo of the pcb substrate with the QR code. most of Intels modern CPUs have this QR code on the substrate. Obviously if the QR code does not match the IHS I will be able to tell if it has been swapped.
  5. Not sure, never had this type of issue before.
  6. just want to point something out. in the paypal claim, he says that he did not have a CPU to test if his board was bad or not. Yet on the day AFTER he got my CPU delivered, he posted up his SP99 rated 10900k. The guy is a liar. You can find his post here:
  7. just found out thanks to another user that PMed me. https://community.hwbot.org/profile/208352-cens/
  8. i dont know it, but i figured i might as well post this here since the XOC community is tight-knit.
  9. thats fair . Attached is our messenger conversation, notice how he stopped communicating since delivery. I only bin cpus on water since its for daily rigs. I even linked my logs and screenshots of the cpu being stress tested: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1giwH9hbY-zEoGU1ehCodewIjVdg1quCM/view?usp=sharing Clemens Nüssler conversation.pdf
  10. Just FYI, This guy reached out to me since i had a 106 SP rated 10900k. Sent him plenty of screenshots the day before i shipped the CPU. He offered a premium, which I accepted after reaching out to someone that vouched for him thru previous business dealings. I kept constant communication with him up to delivery. Then after almost 3 weeks of him having the CPU in his procession, he is claiming its DOA via paypal. I dont have many transactions here on HWBOT, but i do on r/HardwareSwap with many CPU sales. Buyer/Sellers beware!
  11. this is so cute. i think this means i can play.
  12. I don't think it's degration, I think it's something else. At least my situation of being able to pass 3866 MHz. I always get past training and then I get stuck on code 26. I have 2 other 9900ks which can do 4k+ memory, just to rule out the cpu factor.
  13. Interesting. I only push daily timings, and I ran into the same thing you said. My 7700k does 4133 @ c17, but when I drop the 9900k, it's a brick wall @ 3866. And I have used the same 9900k on the zDark at 4133 speeds.
  14. did you ever find the solution to this? I am running into the same exact thing
  15. I have both. I'll give you my perspective. I like to push things for 24/7 stable heavy watercooling. ie 5.3ghz with 4133mhz 1t memory VRM wise, both boards VRMs are way overkill. The zDark is significantly easier to work with than the asus board. Yes the asus bios is much more elaborate with more settings. The zDark is straight to the point, and just gets things done. I purchased my zDark thru amazon for $440, and the Apex for $420. I will probably be looking to sell the apex.
  16. I tried every bio listed here. Best one has been 1801. I'VE done the solder mod. I shorted the unlockee pads with a screw driver. Tight area to work with. Hmmm... I'll try it again. Maybe A bad flash.
  17. actually.... lol. Running into an issue. If I try OC'ing the 9900k, and it locks up due to a bad OC. I get stuck after the bios load. 'Hit f1 to load setup' Only thing that has fixed it, is to reflash the BIOS with the flash back. Anyone experiencing this?
  18. your bios worked! gotta see how to get the network card working. not sure what i did. thanks everyone
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