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  1. Sure, I guess lump me as an ambient bencher in with the guys doing chillers and single stages, and make me prove I'm on ambient? Maybe we could just keep it the way it is without messing with it? I don't personally see an issue with the ranking system now besides the one dude using a 7950 rig pic for every damn sub in enthusiast league, not even gonna mention the dudes name, everyone knows already lmao.
  2. The cards I'm looking for to complete my collection are 260 lightning 275 lightning 480 lightning 780ti lightning 5870 lightning 7970 lightning. If you have any of the cards listed, or multiple of them, lemme know. I'd be more than willing to pay for shipping to the US, doesn't matter where in the world. I have no price set in mind for how much I'm willing to pay for any of the cards, so I'd likely pay whatever price you throw at me within reason. Thanks!
  3. I've tested that it works, however I have not tested it enough to know well it clocks and such, I have used AMD for too long to know wtf I'm doing lol
  4. Gonna be completely honest here, I've had the 9900k for a day, and the M10A has been waiting for the chip. Today I realized I have no clue how to bench Intel anymore. I'd like to sell the two as a bundle if possible as I have no need for one without the other. I'd like to think $700 for the two is fair. Essentially $450 for the CPU, $250 for the board. If both are bought, I'd be happy to pay for shipping. I prefer bank transfers as I no longer use PayPal, but I'd be willing to take other payment methods as well. Unfortunately due to insane shipping costs overseas, this will be U.S only unless you're willing to pay for shipping(it's around $75 world wide) I'm a moron and posted this in the sold section first. Ignore that
  5. Mostly posting as a hwbot sale test as people are having trouble posting, but so I don't waste anyones time if anyone wants it, its $60, works great, all 4 channels work, I never tested for max multiplier, just ran it as a daily chip. I also ran a few benches at 48x.
  6. If we are removing Catzilla's points on the basis of being buggy and lack of dev support, then every single legacy GPU bench should lose points. Or you can get someone to create a wrapper. But this is beyond ridiculous to completely scrap a bench's points because of 3 people's opinion.
  7. @websmile conveniently they are on my desk, but I dont have any motivation to put those back on 😂
  8. I think I'm done with overclocking for a while, I just dropped a power supply out a second story window and I think that is the least harmful thing I've done so far. So it's time to move on for a bit. Here's a list of things I'm gonna get rid of. Prices dont include shipping and I prefer G&S or F&F 2700x - does 4300mhz 1.35v on ambient for physics. Also runs 3866 cl12 tight subtimings with my ram on a b450-i. - $250 16gb Bdie 4133 cl19 - never tested on Intel but does 3866 cl12 tight subtimings on my b450-i on ryzen so it can't be bad. - $200 B450-i - amazing little board for what I paid, not a C7H but an amazing 2 dimmer. - $100 Golden R9 Fury - did 1245mhz in benches on air, took every gold that I benched but FSE because I couldn't get my CPU high enough on ambient to beat it.. sold 6970 Lightning and 7970 lightning - I have no idea how to bench these cards but I tested that they work. $65 a piece? GTX 760 Striker Platinum - great card, quite rare. $50 Golden Vega 64 - once did 1800mhz on air before my old psu set it into flames, I've been told it's a relatively easy fix but I don't have the stuff to do it. - Sold 360mm Arctic aio with 6 fans. - works well - $60.
  9. CBR sold for 43.25 shipped CVF still available
  10. CVF and CBR reduced to $30 each plus shipping with F&F. These must go.
  11. R9 390 Strix - Unfortunately has no unlocked Shaders. Ive ran it to ensure that it works but I haven't found it's max clockspeed or anything. No box. Looking for $50 plus shipping F&F. R9 390 Sold GTX 760 ROG Striker Platinum - works great but I have not found a way to unlock voltage control past 12mv. I don't hard mod cards so it's in the original condition. No box. Looking for $50 F&F plus shipping.
  12. Impact Sold, pictures for the rest coming soon.
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