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  1. havli

    sli of gtx 285 problem

    SLI can be enabled using one of the SLI hacks - for example https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/sli-with-different-cards.158907/ The problem is when the chipset or CPU (as the PCI-E controller is built in there) is newer than GPU drivers... in that case SLI isn't suported (I think). The mentioned hack probably fools the driver to think it runs on X58 or something similar... and therefore SLI will work, even in XP. http://hwbot.org/submission/3502846_havli_3dmark06_2x_geforce_8800_gtx_27622_marks
  2. havli

    Merge your hardware

    The best solution would be to simply add an option to users profile - just a simple checkbox woud be enough. Either show the HW library as it is now or ignore VGA brand and merge HW categories to one of each type. Going through 50 results and trying to find the one that is marked MSI realy isn't very effective.
  3. havli

    GPUPI - SuperPI on the GPU

    It is simple, just rebench the 6.9GHz CPU and done. Those who want to stay on top must rebench stuff regularly anyway. For example in 3D with every new 115x platform launch rebench of all 3dmarks up to 06... and new HEDT = rebench of Vantage and later.
  4. Hmm, so far everything with more than one socket and anything caled Xeon / Opteron / Quadro / Firepro was considered "server". This doesn't apply here?
  5. Broken points here https://hwbot.org/benchmark/cinebench_-_2003/rankings?start=0&hardwareTypeId=processor_4260&cores=2#start=0#interval=20 and most likely here (17.5 points for 1st place out of 3 doesn't sound right) https://hwbot.org/benchmark/cinebench_-_2003/rankings?start=0&hardwareTypeId=processor_857&cores=1#start=0#interval=20
  6. Well, I have two PPGA (black) P166 MMX and they are both unlocked up to 3.5x. I also have one ceramic 166 MMX and that one is locked at 2.5x. If you don't belive me it is really 166, then it is your problem... I don't care. And I certainly won't be wasting my time just to prove you're wrong. This competition has cost me enough effort as it is.
  7. Some MMX have unlocked multiplier up to 3.5x. I believe the PPGA models are unlocked, while CPGA are locked.
  8. havli

    HWBOT x265 Benchmark

    Yes, the new version is already allowed to submit scores. And if there are no problems with v2.2.0, it should be made mandatory after some time.
  9. havli

    HWBOT x265 Benchmark

    Version 2.2.0 is ready for release. http://hw-museum.cz/data/hwbot/HWBOT_X265_2.2.ZIP What is new: 1. there was a mistake in HPET detection of V2.1.0 - on systems that require HPET only error message was shown but the Run button wasn't deactivated... Therefore it was possible to run and submit the benchmark even without HPET (such results can be still recognized on screenshot - they contain red message "HPET timer not active"). This issue is now fixed. 2. Coffee Lake added to the non-HPET whitelist. Currently the list contains: Skylake, Skylake-X, Kaby Lake, Kaby Lake-X, Coffee Lake. 3. added option to select CPU name to submit. The first two options are 1) name like CPU-Z detects it 2) BIOS string. The third options leaves the field empty - this should solve the problem with unlocked AMD CPUs that are misdetected and can't be edited later. 4. increased the score precision to 3 decimal places. There is is a catch however. It seems HWBOT doesn't support it properly after all. Internally there are 3 decimal places - as they can be seen on the pre-submit screen... and also later when editing the submission. On the score page there are only two and how the rankings are calculated I'm not sure. Let's see if better precision can be implemented on the HWBOT side at some point in the future, x265 is now ready for it. http://hwbot.org/submission/3793276_ 5. updated CPU-Z to version 1.83.
  10. havli

    GPUPI - SuperPI on the GPU

    Good news - GT200 is working very well with legacy version of GPUPI 3.2 http://hwbot.org/submission/3789091_havli_gpupi___1b_geforce_gtx_285_8min_15sec_997ms
  11. Broken points here as well http://hwbot.org/benchmark/3dmark2001_se/rankings?hardwareTypeId=videocard_1103&cores=2#start=0#interval=20
  12. havli

    HWBOT x265 Benchmark

    Ok then - 3 places it is. Other than G470 it should also make benchmarking of very old HW more interesting. With the legacy mode even PIII / first gen K7 should be able to run. Who is brave enough to run 4k on slot A Athlon?
  13. havli

    HWBOT x265 Benchmark

    At the moment, I'm finishing my work on small update of x265 bench. Not so long ago there was some discussion concerning the granularity of the score. Since the beggining there were (and still are) just two decimal places. For most systems this is good enough to reflect even very small change in the performance. But not all of them - and since the attention is shifting more towards the 4k preset, maybe it is time to consider adding 3rd decimal place. Getting 3 decimal places is easy and after quick test it seems HWBOT API supports it also. So the question is - switch to 3 decimal places or stay at 2? This is double-edged sword, some people might benefit from it, others would lose points.
  14. havli

    GPUPI - SuperPI on the GPU

    Great work! I can confirm both GPUPI v3.1.1 and 3.2 legacy are working on 32-bit Pentium 4 windows XP system. I'll test some of the older GPUs soon, curious how they will work. Btw - since you have nice HW detection implemented, would it be too much to ask for automatic datafile name suggesting, like x265 is doing for example? It would make benchmarking for HW masters a little easier I'm using following pattern: amount_of_HW_x_HW_name_benchmark_type_score 2x_Opteron_2216_HWBOT_x265-1080p_2.18 fps.hwbot
  15. havli

    GPUPI - SuperPI on the GPU

    Wow, that is some great news. I wasn't aware legacy version 3.x already exists. I'm really looking forward to test GTX 200 series and other older hardware too. I like the idea of CPU computing without OCL driver, sounds really interesting. This should make the CPU version more popular and easier to use... while it isn't that hard to install OCL driver, many systems don't have it by default and some people might have problem with it. I really appreciate your work and effort to make GPUPI compatible with as wide hardware base as possible. My favorite kind of benchmark is the one which can run on old CPU but also is capable of utilizing new instruction sets and scale with modern architectures. There aren't that many unfortunately... at least that I know of - only GPUPI, Y-Cruncher and x265. I understand it takes extra time to support this much different HW, especially when you are developing the whole application. I try to keep x265 oldschool-HW ready as well, and while it is "only" a sophisticated wrapper to the encoder executable I did spend a ton of time doing pre-release testing on many different platforms.