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  1. I was developing the benchmark on SB-E platform and at the time I performed a lot of testing. AVX had zero inpact on performance when running on SB (Core and Xeon series - those do support AVX). You can try it yourself - either by using Windows 7 non-SP and SP1... or the built-in function of x265, the CPU features override (which is much more convenient). AVX2 on Haswell and later improves the performance a lot. AVX1 perhaps helps too on some architectures, but certainly not on SB/IB.
  2. AVX makes no difference on Sandy Bridge (in x265)... SSE4 is the key.
  3. Here is cpu-z validation link. http://valid.x86.fr/i37akj Thanks
  4. Actualy I didn't try versions other than 3.2 and 3.3.2. Those behaved the same - appcrash. Thanks fro the tip, I'll try the 3.1 next time.
  5. havli

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    I think the singlecore stage will be very exciting... especially when you get to the point of having a great score and then you flip the coin whether you get the data file saved, or appcrash. I have a feeling there will be a lot of smashed keyboards.
  6. GPUPI 3.x is a hit or miss it seems. Today I was running it on C2D and always appcrash when saving data file. On the other hand, A64 AM2 was running just fine http://hwbot.org/submission/3927537_havli_gpupi_for_cpu___100m_athlon_64_le_1640_(orleans)_8min_27sec_791ms
  7. I'm not really sure... but isn't s939 too old to support HPET? AM2+ boards definitely support it, never tried it on older platforms.
  8. havli

    x265 Benchmark 2.2 CPU

    This is weird. Do you have the same Windows install for both systems? Java version shouldn't matter - x265 is using built-in portable Java... in order to run as a portable benchmark without any special requirements on SW installed.
  9. Buggy bios maybe? At least my UD3P is really pain to use, especially with K8 CPUs.
  10. Thanks for the link, if simple standalone patch is sufficient, then it is worth trying.
  11. Ok, I take it as no other benchmarks. You realy don't need to teach me what overclocking is about I'm here long enough to know a few tricks here or there myself. The thing here is to evaluate whether it is worth the extra time spent or not. In other words - what is better - quantity or quality? For example SuperPI 32M - we all know it is best to run in on tweaked XP (for most platforms)... but is it worth the effort to install XP just for one benchmark, when I'm running the other 20 on W7 64? For most cases it isn't. And the same applies here, on top of that the uncertainty of GPUPI future (what version will have points... 3.2, 3.3, 4.0... or which one will ger merged / deleted) might be discouraging people from putting too much work in it.
  12. Yes, sure you are. Killing HW is not exactly proof of skill, is it? But i guess it is understandable considering you started overclocking just a year ago
  13. @Mr.Scott That is very nice offer and I really appreciate it. For now I'll stay in my team. But if they won't change their attitude to team competitions for the next season, then the chance to join W9 is very tempting (if the offer still stands by then). @_mat_ Well, then show me another benchmarks that gain performance from this... besides GPUPI.
  14. Cheapest? No, not for me anyway... that would be s478 or 754. Maybe some people don't have problem doing hardmods on $600 GPU, but I do. Simple look on my paycheck is discouraging enough. Also I don't like killing HW in the process of overclocking - I have thousands of scores here on Bot... and yet I can easily count components that died on my fingers. $800 NUC or dual Titan is no concern to me, because I don't have that kind of HW and never will. Also I don't really care about TC standings at all - one-man-team can never reach decent position in competition like this. Sure and then desolder the old chip and put new one in... doable of course. But not bricking the original one is far more time/money effective.
  15. Well, it is simple evaluation of risks and benefits. Bios flashing is far more risky than OC. And since money doesn't exactly grow on trees (at least not here ) then it is better to get the most of it by focusing on the 20 other benchmarks that doesn't require such modifications.