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  1. exactly, for this reason it seems unthinkable to start checking every single subs, if one really wants to cheat upload a result a week or more and it is obvious that it would go completely unnoticed do you really believe that if the target was the cheating you would go to fill a front page of scores?
  2. I tell you mine, obviously no pretense that is taken into consideration: in my opinion we should change the basic concept of the seasonal, this should be seen as a simple personal "curiosity" of the overclocker to see what he did in the current year (an indicative count of the points accumulated in the year in short, as if one did a specific search in one's profile), but not a further ranking with constraints as it is now... the results one publishes whether they are from the current year or from old backups should simply end up in one's personal career as it should be, less confusion with more unnecessary rankings and less problems for everyone as said, my 2 cents
  3. hundreds of points loaded in a few minutes, if I wanted to cheat for personal profit (what then would you gain from a useless ranking like the season 20xx?) I would have put one a week or a month, nobody would have noticed, unfortunately I'm not the winner, everyone has won, new and clearer rules regarding the seasonal probably needed and will be very useful for the future, although I still think it is difficult to manage the control of each individual sub to see if it is used the recent version of cpuz, the specific background, the date etc ... for this reason I continue to prefer a season with only competitions, less sub to check and seasonal by nature
  4. wouldn't it be better at this point to make the season more independent? during the upload choose if you want to participate in that according to the new rules? in this way the results would also be "filtered" making the moderators' job easier
  5. another doubt that came to my mind, I will give you an example to make me understand better: cine15 7700k 1200pt in 2019 cine15 7700k 1150pt in 2020 with correct screen and everything (cpuz latest version etc) the second would not give points because the old one is superior, but shouldn't it equally be valid for the 2020 season?
  6. probably many did not see it wrong, perhaps also because for a whole year no one had ever pointed it out, now that it is official it is different and at least for me it will never be done again although I continue to consider the new rules proposed to be very difficult to manage
  7. you're right, but before today there was no rule about it, as soon as it was pointed out (yesterday) things changed, I myself promptly canceled all the results, others I don't know mine was only a reasoning on the manageability of the proposed new rules, not on the fact that new rules served and are necessary if you want to keep the season as it is now
  8. well, so the @The_Silversolution to prevent the elimination of old sub remains valid
  9. I believe, however, that it is not necessary to remove the old sub, posting a new one and doing a recalculation the points are assigned to the most recent what I do not consider practicable is from now on to check every single sub to verify that it was performed in 2020, that the latest version of the cpuz or a specific background was used, an immense work that would require many people 24/7 for what purpose then? you might as well do it only for competitions that are less and easily controlled and leave only those in the current season
  10. the same thing that even half the hwbot community did last year, not just me ... probably new rules were needed even before, only that I still don't understand how they are manageable remove hardware and global from season and leaving only the competitions is the easiest way in my opinion, for those the personal career is fine
  11. but in fact, it seems unthinkable to manage such a thing, every single sub should be checked to see if you are using the latest version of the cpuz, the correct background and the date at the bottom right? it would take 200,000 moderators to do this for this reason it would be better to leave only the competitions in the current season, which are already controlled, need screens with a specific background and above all they are much less to manage everything else goes into the personal career, where it does not count when a result has been made, but only that it is correct
  12. I have not discovered anything, it is simply something that many have done last year and that many continue to do even now, in my opinion in the season 20xx only the Competitions should be counted, everything else must end in the personal career
  13. Please add this mainboard: 1) HP 8615 https://valid.x86.fr/r2ppbe Thanks!!
  14. Please add this mainboard: 1) ASRock B450 Steel Legend http://valid.x86.fr/q8eme6 Thanks!!
  15. Please add this mainboard: 1) Acer Aspire X5950 http://valid.x86.fr/vcify9 Thanks!!
  16. try turning off the acceleration hw in FF
  17. Please add this mainboard: 1) ASRock X399 Phantom Gaming 6 http://valid.x86.fr/pb3rtn Thanks!!
  18. Yes, I only solve by turning off the HW acceleration no problem on other PCs with Windows 10 and FF (v65) with vga NVIDIA or AMD...
  19. I had that problem on the notebook with Intel IGP and Windows 10. I solved by turning off hardware acceleration in Firefox...
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