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  1. Planet

    Notable retired overclockers

    fredyama - Still benches with ASUS from time to time OnePageBook - Working for Team Group now TiN - Too busy with metrology gear Gautam GHZ Kayl Fr3ak runmc saaya 3oh6 gomeler
  2. #teamdeportsofia Fixed for you. Only reason its full is because he stocked it with all warm beer. Who wants to drink a warm beer?
  3. Nice job but sorry need to report your results no photo of beer fridge
  4. Planet

    Computex 2016

    Hmm not sure if I can make Computex this year :-P
  5. I dont think you addressed his main concern.
  6. You know the Corsair party will be epic
  7. Nobody asked you kanga.... If you didn't live in shitty Florida it wouldn't take 24 hours. Could be 15 hours if you lived in NJ/NY and flew out of JFK
  8. Planet

    FS: Kingston DDR4 3200 4x4GB // ASUS R5E

    How about $3.50 shipped to Taiwan for both?
  9. I think he looks more like a drop bear.
  10. Planet

    [FS] Under-The-Ice single stage chiller

    I'll give you 1 dollar more than Straponzi
  11. Nice score sofos on some old HW. I wasn't in Greece and I must not be related to him because *Insert comment about fridge here*.