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  1. fredyama - Still benches with ASUS from time to time OnePageBook - Working for Team Group now TiN - Too busy with metrology gear Gautam GHZ Kayl Fr3ak runmc saaya 3oh6 gomeler
  2. #teamdeportsofia Fixed for you. Only reason its full is because he stocked it with all warm beer. Who wants to drink a warm beer?
  3. Planet

    Computex 2016

    Hmm not sure if I can make Computex this year :-P
  4. Nobody asked you kanga.... If you didn't live in shitty Florida it wouldn't take 24 hours. Could be 15 hours if you lived in NJ/NY and flew out of JFK
  5. How about $3.50 shipped to Taiwan for both?
  6. I'll give you 1 dollar more than Straponzi
  7. Nice score sofos on some old HW. I wasn't in Greece and I must not be related to him because *Insert comment about fridge here*.
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