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  1. In order to run the GPUPI V3.3 for cpu bench, I notice everybody had "amd accelerated parallel processing" installed. Is that's just the AMD SDK file? GPUPI is only showing my gpu but seems weird that I need to install a AMD dev pack to run it?
  2. okay here we go again, tried to submit my recent 3dmark timespy score to the div2 comp with no success??? Even though I just followed the prompts to join the comp... You know what they say about teaching a man to fish... What am I doing wrong
  3. 1.6v are you crazy? I'm running an I5 8600k but I'm getting 5.1 with a -2 avx offset @ 1.36v LLC6, 5.3 / -3 / 1.42v, I'm still trying to find a stable 5.4 / 5.5 but I'm waiting until I delid. BTW wth is that a pic of???
  4. Do you want to do me another solid and update my xtu score I just submitted a 1991, it's very possible it just hasn't updated yet
  5. how did you get ur score to record correctly? I show a 22k but only showing 1900 points.
  6. Hi all, I'm new to HWBOT and the whole competitive aspect of overclocking. I've been trying to enter the Geekbench 3 multi score for the Rookie Rumble #54 (whatever that is) and the score on the benchmark shows a respectable 22k but when I see my submission in the challenge it's only 1935 and the guy below me is showing 17k, I'm missing something in my subission
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