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  1. What about Win7 32 bit, did you try it?
  2. Here's EVGA answer - Windows XP only has limited Support for Benchmarking purposes. It will not support XP as a fully functional OS. It only has drivers, built into the board for the ASMedia SATA controller. There are no other specific drivers available for XP, as a majority of the board functions will not work with XP. To run Windows XP, you will need to put the board into Legacy mode...hmm
  3. (I already have VII Impact in my shortlist (thank you), but its size just frightens me a bit, must be a bit difficult to build for a bigginner like me)
  4. Yosarianilives, thanks I just read that some guys have problems with installing xp or require BIOS flashing to make it work, i'm newbie oc, that's why I ask
  5. This is not spamming, this is figuring out what motherboards work with XP
  6. Hi! Was it easy to install WinXP on VII Gene? BIOS flashing?
  7. Great! Was it easy to install XP on VII Gene? Did you flash BIOS?
  8. Hi!! Was it easy to install WinXP on Maximus VII Formula? No probl with BIOS?
  9. Hi! can you also post results for superpi 1M and 32M at stock (non-overlocked) speed please
  10. hi what BIOS version you had to use to install XP on Asus ASUS Maximus VII Gene ?