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  1. It might be a RIVE thing cause I have a black edition and a normal RIVE and they both drop mem channels and reset timings like crazy.
  2. Thanks for sharing @Alex@ro the gene looks pretty nice.
  3. Thanks woundering why I couldn't replay in marketplace now....
  4. Gotta agree I love rev 8 so much quicker to load only thing it's missing is a more friendly search. For example I type 780ti and get no results, then have to type 780 and select the TI in the list...it's a bit akward. Though to be honest I've gotten used to it.
  5. Just noticed x265 thinks cores are running at 4.77ghz....but everything else was saying 4.7 and bios was set to 46x100fsb.....not sure whats up there.
  6. Any updates/hopes of getting a bios for the z170 ocf (ATX) that would support the 9th gen SKUs Also are the 8th gen i3s( 8350k) confirmed working on the ATX ver?
  7. Keep killing my z97 boards....;( Looking for a z97/z87 mb dont care much which one just a decent oc board (oc formula/soc force/m power etc)
  8. OC.Queen


    Reminds me of the EKWB one. How tall is it?
  9. Either of the x99 oc formulas still available?
  10. What to buy GA-Z97X-SOC Force LN2 LN2 edition only plz. Shipped to Japan Name your Price Payment via Paypal PM ME Thanks
  11. Is the z170 SOC LN2 still available? Can you ship to Japan?
  12. Does sandy bridge-EP, count as sandy bridge for this comp? IE: can I submit a E5-1680v2 for example
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