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  1. ty, there are many that are much higher though. I had to keep the cold winter air blowing through my case as the 1.63v-1.65v was keeping it warm and it would not boot into windows going any higher with NVME drive. Maybe with another drive it could go higher but im not sure I want to try it again just yet, the chip does fine at 1.6v but I feel going much higher is dangerous without something better than an AIO cooling it.
  2. Since the latest version incorporates a DX12 test will this be updated to include W10 since W7 doesnt run DX12?
  3. No, thats XFR dropping the voltage since no real load is being applied. At all core boost XFR was probably feeding it 1.53v-1.55v but it tends to give it a bit too much at times. For perspective, on my 4.45ghz daily setup it takes 1.45v to be IBT AVX stable.
  4. What is going on with the links to the 3dmark Vantage submissions that have already been made by teams? I try to view submissions by clicking the overall score and it only says "There are no submissions." So far it seems to be the case for any team that has all 3 submissions. The permalink brings up a Bitly "page not found" message. Is it only me or is this the case for others trying to view it as well?
  5. How to Flash different vBios to your 1080 ti Good information in this thread to those that are interested. Purely educational though 😉 Read thoroughly and flash at your own risk.
  6. For anyone interested, you can find information HERE on flashing bios' to different 1080ti cards. Read carefully and dont brick your card if you decide to flash your gpu as some bios' are not compatible with all PCBs. Of course its all purely informational in purpose and youd be flashing at your own risk 😉
  7. Actually, i posted this with a profile that ran 3533mhz but the benchmark was ran at 3600mhz stable. I cannot go any higher and be stable though I can post up to 3733mhz with my current setup. Doubtful I could run a benchmark without blue screen on my stock cooling. CB is weird on how it uses Ram, it feels like it cares more about stability rather than raw speed or bandwidth.
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