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  1. with just 2GB of vram (1080p EX needs about 3-3.5G) this becomes a ram and cpu benchmark more than a gpu benchmark. We didnt have a proper setup for that but we will come back with a properly perpared card in the future.
  2. What the others try to explain is that your graphics score is also influenced by your CPU, aswell is the CPU score somewhat influenced by your GPU. the later is not an issue in most cases but the first is very typical for vantage. For reference watch Buildzoids video about his try to reach the #1 wr in vantage with a 7940X and 4 Furys. It was all down to CPU power at his point, as the benchmark could utilize 16 cores and he "just" had 14 under LN2. The score is influenced so heavily by the CPU because it needs to feed the data fast enough to the gpus for them to max out their performance. The older the benchmark, the fewer the power is needed for the gpu to render a frame and so the faster it needs the new data to keep pushing. If you want a CPU indipendent benchmark, take Unigine Superposition, that has been about not CPU limited at all in my past. You can also use time spy, that is more CPU depending but as its newer, its not that extreme as vantage.
  3. I overclocked a few RX 480s and can tell you a few things to keep in mind. The powerdraw noted by the driver is just the GPU and excludes VRM efficiency aswell. So you propably want to add about 20% to it on top, depending on your config. Mine draw 250W and more if Id let them so be prepared. To reach valuable clocks you will need a custom bios, der8auer has one that lifts the powerlimit up to 220W (driver value), thats double the stock amount and brings you quite far. Most cards make 9000 (actually 2250) Mhz without increasing Mem voltage so dont that that at all. GPU clocks spread far, I had cards that didnt go over 1380 and have some that hit over 1500 while below 1.4V. On thermals I stick to HWInfo, Ive been fine with that, though it also reads driver values so take it with a grain of salt. Make sure, your GPU does not exeed 90°C at any time and your VRM shouldnt exeed 105°C at any time. These are critical values, stay off them as much as possible. I watercooled the RX 480s and got a 55° GPU and a 90° VRM at 1.375V. Keep in mind, that the RX480s draw a ton of power from the PCIe Connector so make sure your board is capable of extreme overclocking and stick a thermal probe to the PCB where the power rails go, they might get toasty. And as always, make sure that you have a kill switch, in case it gets over the limits. Hard power off works just fine. Your 650W psu might also be a bit to small if you overclock the 7700K and an RX 480, so keep an eye on the power draw of your components. Also cool the Mobo VRM, they can get really toasty and supply every EPS connector available is also a good idea, though not neccessary. Take your time and have fun Good luck
  4. Im quite sure they didnt take my request too serious. Thanks for the hint, Ill check that.
  5. Hey mates, Im looking into modding a GPU bios for Polaris 10 GPUs. There is a mod by der8auer that increases the limits a lot but Id like to extend these, especially the powerlimit is forcing the cards to throttle whily vrm, cable and gpu temps are all fine, no issues here. There is a Polaris Bios mod tool, but I couldnt edit the bios successfully, every time I flashed one of my custom bios mods, the driver didnt detect the card anymore. Can someone help me getting into bios modding preferrably in general?
  6. Hey mates, Im looking for an LN2 Supply with rentable devars in northern germany, best in Hannover. I searched for any local suppliers, but just found Linde AG. Out of curiousity I contacted them and they offered a supply in a tank facility if the demand is at least 1000 cubic meters per month. 1 cubic meter is 1000 Liters btw. So Im looking for other options, can you help me find another supplier? Thanks a lot for any suggestions.
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