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  1. This Version has been out since 27 -3-19.It"s not like it was release this week.If it give more point we should just rebench it with our hardware.
  2. My testing is with win 10 64bit.
  3. Hi I have switched teams and my older submissions team point are not contributing to my new team. i have tried to recalculate but it did not work.
  4. Try this http://gigabytedaily.blogspot.com/2016/06/gigabyte-x99-soc-champion-6950x.html
  5. No_Name has a faster sub with no points. So the 7m440ms sub has no points
  6. Because your teams 9900k score beats it.
  7. So Is Stage 7 3dmark01. A AMD only Cpu/Gpu stage as it reads.
  8. So Wrong Shane... Bilko's team is not Australia OC .His Team is AMD Red Team
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