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  1. So now i tested moded 1704. But i havent SPI. I have tested flashback.. I renamed bin to creative.rom. Flashback flashed it but 00 code. So i switched to bios2 and board have serious problems to start. Must click power button on fornt panel more than 10 times and board jumps to bios2 and run. Onboard power button not responds. So then i flashback it with 1602 and board started and started twice again with "flashing bios......" text. Then started and boot. So flashback 1704 not working for me. I tested this twice with different flash drive so file may be corrupted,.. But no, it just doesnt work,... Yes i read it "Use SPI", but its just an test,..
  2. OneB1t You must read first post of this topic. Do exactly what was writen here. If it runs, flash it by moded 1602 bios for HT to work. Use flashback feature (button at back panel). You need soldering skill, good soldering pen, no shaky hands and you need to be carefull. If you not sure, dont do it. Jumper near bios chip -> you can flash any bios file Jumper near pcie slot -> you can start coffee
  3. So I must say thank you for this. Mr Alex@ro and jjxaker https://valid.x86.fr/x5wiha Now its about 1 month form that i moded my mobo. And it runs well.
  4. Thank you. Ok, so, its just incompatibility with ubuntu. No problem with it, I can run it with 0084 from first post.
  5. I just try this on my IX APEX. So., Flashback with no problem. Startup with no problem, but, RGB led stays off after I linked wire near pcie. I destroy something on board or its normal ??? I have tested 1602 moded bios for X APEX and it works but UBUNTU cant find network card. So i go back to original bios and UBUNTU can find network card without problem. Then I try 0084 bios by Alex@ro and network works UBUNTU found it. But HT .... Interesting thing is in 1602 bios there are some 5G card option and PXE runs every time and if it is disabled it runs too. Can jjxaker help with this ?
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