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  1. I would see gains anywhere from 20% to 50% depending on drivers, OS, etc. I remember going from 9K on a 1090T+HD5670 to 20K+ just on Bob's tweaks... Adding the FD settings to that brought it up to 50K+ easy (and I don't even know the "good" FD settings that CherV and the rest of the guys use).
  2. I think that what Bob's tweak does is dump some sort of image cache out and then the test is run on "clean" cache... Not sure though.
  3. - I would guess those two would be allowed. Changing IE settings to get a better score (as long as it's done from the IE Options menu) should be OK. Bob's tweak is simply changing your theme from Aero to Classic and then back to Aero... No reason to make that illegal.
  4. Many ways to skin a cat on this one. The less scrupulous could even make an entirely new .bat file that echoes all the text on the cmd window and makes it look like the benchmark has been run and enter whatever time they please.
  5. +1 to this. I used to think that I knew how to tweak PCM05... And then the "real tweakers" came out and put me back in the corner. I have spent hundreds of hours (not an exaggeration) trying to figure out just one of the tweaks (TE) and have not even managed to get it to budge. This whole tweaking is fun and I really like PCM05 a lot (bugged and meaningless as it is as of now), but there comes a time when one gets tired of banging one's head against the wall and not making it through to the other side.
  6. What say we all dump PCM05 and redirect our energies into destroying PCM 7 next?
  7. Unless you bake it into brownies... Them things are like Pringles; you can't just eat one of them...
  8. I think I misunderstood you earlier post where you said: This is the file used in the TE tests. I guess that in my excitement I assumed that you were talking about "a file" that would implement the Text Edit tweaks, or that would have the settings that enable the high TE scores, but you were just posting the original file that the test is done on. My bad. The file is part of the PCM05 benchmark and, if I'm not mistaken, it is part of one of the .dat packages that are in the PCM05 folder... So it's not explicitly visible, but once the test starts, the first thing that it does is extract the file from the package and then run the search/replace routines that make up the actual test.
  9. Got it, but now I'm confused. That is the file that the benchmark uses to do the searching on the TE test. You telling me that you've changed something on it? Isn't that against the rules? Better yet; how do you make that work being that the file is packed into an archive that gets extracted when the benchmark runs? Don't get me wrong... Not accusing you of anything; just wondering what is being done with the file.
  10. @GENiEBEN The .rtf link leads to a 404 page.
  11. I concur... I look at PCM05 and I can't help but think of that "200% crazy GF" that a guy has once in their life time... Sure; she's moody, impossible to figure out, can make you feel "inadequate" without even trying, gives you nightmares, makes you feel guilty about being you, etc... But then there is that one time, when the stars and the planets align and you get everything right... And then.... THEN.... She gives you the ride of your life and you're hooked. QFFT
  12. Crazy speed on that chip man. Some questions: 1. Why is the submission blocked/deleted? Is it because it needs to be approved by staff before making it to the rankings? 2. The screenshot you attached of the CPUz validation shows the Orange background in the top left corner (as in submission validated at cannardpc.com), but the link to the validation shows it with the red background (as in submission rejected at cannardpc.com). The screenshot and the validation link both show the same submission ID (2384991) so how can you have one that validated and then the link that rejected?
  13. Tried with Jarte (going through the options inside the program and also editing the .ini file).... No improvement on Text Edit score to speak off. As for the registry... Why is it that there is no repository of all possible DWORDS, etc that one can add/edit? I'm pretty sure that I'm looking in the right place, but I just can't find any documentation that tells me what I can add or what the options (DWORDS) are.
  14. I know about Jarte... Still trying to figure out a way to make it work so that the TE score gets affected.
  15. Nope... CherV's tweak is not something you can set by opening a wordpad document and saving some settings. - There is no option to enable/disable RTF or Unicode within Wordpad. - You can set the search options to watch whole case and search whole word, but those settings are not persistent. - There is no option to disable error reporting by Wordpad. CherV's tweak is either a program that makes those settings persistent or a registry tweak (I'm leaning towards this one as I have found the section of the registry that pertains to WordPad, but I can't find the DWORDs to use).
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