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  1. Is 980 Ti also legacy? The normal version does not detect it as a CUDA device only OpenCL. In the legacy version it shows up as a CUDA device but the calculation is 5 seconds slower than in 2.3.4
  2. Reading a few pages back I can't really determine if the ideas asked for are only for changing the ranking system because that seems to be the only thing discussed, but if not I have a suggestion. Seeing that hwbot is one huge database I think more graphs can be made. For example an interactive graph on each hardware ranking page. For example if you go in to the CB11.5 ranking list for i7-6700K to have a graph that plots all results vs. their respective frequency that was used. And then also in this graph can be a trendline to be used for checking the scaling as the frequency goes up and thus reference your own score and check if your efficiency is good or bad. On the results if you click on a result (not to open the result, just to highlight it) the result will be highlighted on the chart with the trendline still visible and thus you can see if that particular result has good or bad efficiency depending if it's above or below the trendline. Also by clicking on a highlighted result in the graph to open the corresponding result. So I check the graph and see one particular result has very good efficiency I can then click on that point on the graph, go into the result, and check the screenshot for what memory settings, OS etc. was used to achieve such good efficiency. Here is an example I created in Excel: I think it would be much more user-friendly to be able to reference results from a graph instead of scrolling through 10 - 20 pages of results in a list format. You can then also use this to add an efficiency rating of sorts to results. This rating can be useful for telling newcomers that their efficiency needs improvement or even to highlight a suspiciously over-efficient result to moderators. In the example graph I posted above you can see in the 4500 - 4800MHz range there are many results that are way below the trendline and I would imagine those are mostly the scores of newcomers who needs to work on their efficiency
  3. I can't seem to submit team cup stage 2.5. After filling out the submission form it goes to http: //hwbot.org/ submit/create and nothing happens after. On the esports site it also says "LIMITATIONS -> a 181,185 videocard" for stage 2.5 I've tried on two different PC's
  4. 32Bit?? Wow didn't expect that - this is the one benchmark I can't seem to figure out lol Did you check yet if the CPU is working?
  5. What RAM IC's are these? I tried with Samsung E-Die today but got only 1609 @ 4.8GHz
  6. If you need someone to think outside the box, just ask Vivi
  7. I wanted to run PSC on LN2 as well, but could not find the sinks lol Well done to everyone, it was very close to the end
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