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  1. If Asus is willing to RMA it for that fee, you should really do it? Cheers
  2. Hi, maybe one of you can help me, my Rampage II doesnt want to get past BIOS Splash Screen, boots POSTS doesnt initial drives but RAM and CPU does. When i try to enter the BIOS or EZ-Flash Keystrokes are registered but doesnt get me to any of them. I tryed to reseat the CPU, CMOS reset and so on, nothing does really change anything. Could it be a bad BIOS chip? Cheers
  3. Hi, what kind of repair is it? Whats broken? Cheers
  4. Hi, iam searching for a Rampage III Gene Board and a decent x5675-x56XX CPU to pair it with. Shipping has to be done to Austria. Cheers
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