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  1. Does this board happen to support the xeon cpus too? And how high can the bclk go?
  2. https://jmty.jp/tokyo/sale-pcp/article-8e7gg Found this one that may or may not be available ( it's 10000 yen )
  3. https://www.dospara.co.jp/5shopping/detail_parts.php?bg=1&br=21&sbr=1132&mkr=465&ic=437933&lf=0 This one's for about ~15700 yen ( 142 USD sans shipping ). I assume they have it as they don't say they don't have it. Prices look quite normal unlike the amazon one. http://shop.tsukumo.co.jp/special/160812s/ ~14000 yen ( 127 USD sans shipping ). It also looks like they may have it.
  4. Found this on amazon https://www.amazon.co.jp/ASRock-SDRAM-naマザーボードz170-m-OC-Formula/dp/B01ER49T4W but it's about 2-3x normal price
  5. Does the 6/7th gen cpus still work after the bios update for the 8700K on the mocf?
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