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  1. If your work 3D app is demanding in 4K you might need a RTX 3080. Maybe a Quadro depending on which works best with your app.
  2. Well even thought i was never very active on the forum i've already participated in competitions on HWBOT so i hope that's good enough ^^ I will participate a bit more in the forum to reach 20 posts. Thank you.
  3. Hey guys, Sorry if this is the wrong forum. I have an EVGA X58 classified E760 and a great i7 980X for sale and i'd like to make a post about it in the marketplace here but it seems i dont have the rights to post there. Is there a requirement to access this forum? I know i'm a newbie in this forum but i've been buying and selling hardware for over 20 years on other websites (ebay, evga forum, french hardwares forum, ...). Thanks !
  4. No my goal is for 24/7 use Well at least it's a clear answer, i won't bother with it then. Thanks
  5. I used it and i think it was working because on AFB the power slider was disabled but on GPUZ in the sensors tab under "perfcap" it was always showing "PWR". So maybe even with the maximum allowed power by the XOC bios it was still not enough, i don't know.
  6. It wasn't that expensive actually. I bought it used for a very fair price When i flashed to XOC bios with 1.2v i was only able to win 50 Mhz as i was power limited. So i guess i'll have to do a vmod + power mod at the same time. The problem is that i can't find a proper video when someone show how to do this. There are some videos about putting liquid metal to shut a resistor for power mod but that is not a very clean way to do it imo. It's explained here: https://xdevs.com/guide/pascal_m_oc/ but there are no detailled explainations on how to properly remove the existing resistors and how to properly solder as well. Anyone here did this and could give me further details please? TIA
  7. Hey guys, I own a MSI Sea Hawk EK X 1080 Ti watercooled with a 1260 phobya radiator. The vbios is limitating the card to 1.093v. I've tried switching to a XOC bios but with it my 3DMark score is lower even at higher frequencies. The max i can reach right now is 2100 Mhz @ 1.093v @ 30°C full load I'm wondering if I could expect better results by voltmodding my card or switching to one with an unlocked voltage like a kingpin. Thanks for your help
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