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  1. Nope, that didn't work out. Guess it didn't survive storage, or i'm doin' something wrong :s
  2. I could use my corsair 850W, the one i'm using in the oppteron build is a generic aliexpress one
  3. Well, long story short: after some time in storage, i wanted to install and boot the system. Just GPU, 2 CPU's, memory,... All installed by the manual. No HDD installed. System won't post, black screen, no beeping sounds, no error led's active... Should i install a HDD, keyb and mouse? I tought this isn't necessary to get a post/boot sequence.
  4. Jerre

    GTX 660 Ti

    Hello all, my 2nd 660ti is getting faulty as heck, crashing entire gaming rig all the time. Who has a 2nd one in stock and want to get rid of it? Atm it's the MSI 660ti twin frozer edition.
  5. Hey all, I've got an issue. I had a working motherboard, after mothballing it, i installed some components, put power to it, and low and behold: it worked. After a cleanup, involving a bios chip removal because corrosion, it failed on me. Nothing goes. Is there anybody (Belgium) willing to take a look at it? My guess: 1) the socket for the bios chip is missing connections: the corrosion snapped some of them off. 2) the CMOS battery (VARTA NiCd) is leaking, I guess no paths are broken (visual inspection) but i do think it needs a new cmos battery (button battery mod). I got a rudimentary soldering iron and no expertise/practise in fine soldering work needed for this. I got all the parts neccesary to revive this PC: PSU, intel overdrive DX4-100 (2x) or a 486/DX2-66. hdd, floppy drive (i guess so) Ati mach64 graphics, or other VESA graphics/pci graphics As a bonus: i got a socket 7 motherboard with a 233 mhz amd k6 cpu, also dead. Are you the handy guy, willing to help me out, than do contact me.
  6. I'm looking for a dual Slot 1 motherboard (got 2 x PII 350) and i'm looking for some vintage (and cheap) 486 motherboard. Somebody got something like this in the stash? Shipping to belgium. Thanks in advance.
  7. a bit higher GPU clocks and this brings me to 25445 points... Indeed bottleneck is CPU
  8. Jerre

    for free: EVGA GTX460 SC

    reserved for subaruwrc
  9. I've got one of these in my stack, in my former SLI setup this one produced some artefacting. So i'm giving it away for free - save shipping, that's up to the one who wants this. It's the external exhaust version. For shipping stuff: i live in Belgium - duh, so don't do silly stuff exporting it to New-Zeeland or the likes Oops: seen the rules after post - it's at my brothers place. So got no picture of the item
  10. Probably going to bench an old Intel DX4/100... But how to post valid results... Windows 7 won't run, Windows XP will be a bitch... Win 95 will do the trick, but will it be valid???
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