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  1. Looks like the OC Formula VRM has finally met its match.
  2. Did you do this to the CPU? If you have then you probably have to solder your motherboard.
  3. Is the Z390 Taichi Ultimate compatible with Windows 7?
  4. Is it possible to have a an ATX G Bios with TJ Max of 115 degrees? It is an option for the 9900k.
  5. Looking for the latest G BIOS for ATX Z170 OCF preferrably with Secure Erase 😉
  6. Damn. Secure Erase is used to erase SSD before formatting. Do you know how to copy a feature from one BIOS to another?
  7. it was for kaby Lake/Skylake. I tried activating Secure Erase using AMIBCP but it doesn't show up. The BIOS Asrock gave me is called 7.40B.
  8. I have a custom BIOS form Asrock with Secure Erase but will not work with the 9900k.
  9. Any chance on an ATX BIOS with Secure Erase? Its the only missing feature in this motherboard.
  10. How hot do you think the VRMs would get on air at around 5 GHz with the 9900k? There have been alot of reports on Z370 and even Z390 motherboards not having adequate VRMs for the 9900k.
  11. Is the VRM heatsink required on air running the 9900k at 5 GHZ? What temperatures would you see in that situation on the VRM at room temperature?
  12. Thank you Nick, Splave and everyone else who made this possible. I have a Z170 OCF. I asked Asrock for a custom BIOS to add Secure Erase as a feature. Would it be possible to add Secure Erase to the custom BIOS? I have the custom BIOS if you need to analyze it. Here are some screenshots: