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  1. Leeghoofd replied this to my PM and I thought I should share it here. "talked to George we go for the graphics score, only 3DMark06 is total score, due to the issues you mentioned" Thanks to everyone for helping out with that issue!
  2. [quote] Only hd 5450 or all gpu based on Cedar can be used? [/quote] All Cedar GPU's. Essentially its the same chip as the one on the 5450 though, I checked it. Here is a list of the Chedar chips. https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/amd-cedar.g113
  3. Hello guys, Ardamir here, a novice OC'er. This will be the first competition I'm taking part in, so I have a question about the rules. All is pretty clear, except this one part. "All results are the Graphics Score not the total". Clearly this concerns the 3DMark Benchmarks, since only they give a standalone graphics score, along with the others. Now everything seems fine in 3DMark11 and 3DMark (Skydiver), until you look at 3DMark06. 3DMark06 doesn't really have a Graphics Score section since it differentiates the scores in SM2.0, HDR/SM3.0 and CPU. Ok, so we're definately not submitting the CPU one, but what about the other 2? They both express graphics scores but can't be summed up in any way by the benchmark. So, in the end, what are we submitting for 3DMark06? Can we get a mod here to clarify? Well, here's me hoping that you don't submit the total score, cause my R5 1400 can't really compete on physics with the 5GHz Intel chips.... P.S Sorry if my english is not great at some points, not my first language.
  4. Hi, I saw this result submitted to the Cheapaz Chips competition that is running and I got a little bit curious, since I'm looking forward to competing in it. In the rules it states that only the Graphics Score is to be submitted, not the total. I saw that the score that you have submitted it the total score, which is a tad higher than the graphics one. So in the end, what score are we submitting?
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