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  1. Did some tests micron e-die vs samsung b-die, Ryzen 3900x, russian text but many pics with results. summary: 4х8 3800 Cl 16 E-die almost equal to 2x8 3600 Cl 14 B-die
  2. actually m9a and m10a are the same board, only rgb unit is different. all this thread is about this.
  3. made 1901 Bios mod for M9A. no skylake/kabylake support, only direct M10A mod https://yadi.sk/d/OXYQs9EXGBMxbg
  4. Used two boards with 1704 and 1801 bioses with 9900k, everything worked fine, including 5ghz cpu + 4300 cl 17 ram OC
  5. hi, any chance that someone has working bios with HT for maximus IX formula? for HW mod do i need to solder 2 pairs of points (images attached)? Just curious why ready bioses there is only for Apex? Found some recomendations at win-raid but already modded will be far more better.
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